The Most Common Reason why your Refrigerator is not Cooling

Fix the fridge cooling issue by cleaning the dirty condenser coil or gasket. Overfilled food, faulty electrical supply are also the reasons. But for Compressor and thermostat issues, call experts of refrigerator repair. 

Suppose you open your refrigerator and discover bitter milk or warm wine. It should be clear that your fridge isn’t cooling correctly. The issue is something beyond one of inconvenience and scents; it’s a health problem. Listeria and other foodborne germs, alongside form, can fill in the fridges that are not cool enough. As a rule, there is no compelling reason to surge out and purchase another refrigerator. At the same time, you might have to bring in an appliance expert for certain repairs ultimately. Other fixes are easy to do and require no unique instruments or material.

Below are ten common reasons why your fridge isn’t cooling and what to do about them. 

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  1. Condenser Coils Are Dirty
  2. Door Gaskets Are Not Clean 
  3. Food Items Are Blocking the Air Vents 
  4. Fridge Is Understocked 
  5. Door Gaskets Are Defective and Need Replacement 
  6. Fridge Is Out of Level 
  7. Clearances Are Not Maintained
  8. Location Is Affecting the Cooling Capacity 
  9. Electric Supply Is Faulty 
  10. When to call Ge refrigerator repair services in Atlanta

Condenser Coils Are Dirty 

When the condenser loops on the rear of the fridge are filthy or shrouded in spiderwebs, the unit can’t, as expected, be excellent. Unlatch the counter tip sections situated at the outside base front of the cupboard. Cautiously slide the fridge out and clean the loops with the hand connection on a vacuum cleaner. Be mindful so as not to twist or, in any case, harm the coils. 

Door Gaskets Are Not Clean 

Over the long haul, the adaptable entryway seals (gaskets) can become messy from food or fingerprints, keeping the entryway from fixing appropriately. Wipe down the gaskets with a wipe and warm, sudsy water. Additionally, wipe down the segments on the ice chest where the gaskets contact. Try not to utilize harsh cleaners, brushes, scouring cushions, combustible liquids, or window cleaning showers. 

Food Items Are Blocking the Air Vents 

Check inside the fridge box for food things that may be hindering the fantastic air vent. Enormous boxes or bags might have been coincidentally positioned before the vents, keeping cool air from entering the unit. Pull those things to the side or find them on an alternate rack. 

Fridge Is Understocked 

Mass inside the fridge assists with keeping up with coolness. Furthermore, the pack that you’ll have to give comes as food things. Understocked ice chests need to work more enthusiastically to keep up with cool temperatures. Very much loaded (however not overloaded) ice chests have adequate mass to hold those cool temperatures. 

Door Gaskets Are Defective and Need Replacement 

If you have cleaned the entryway gaskets yet they don’t seal effectively, it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant the gaskets altogether. Setting aside cash can be a DIY undertaking. You’ll discover all-inclusive and brand-explicit entryway gaskets online for somewhere in the range of $35 and $100. 

Fridge Is Out of Level 

The fridge ought to be near the level for them to work appropriately. From side to side, the refrigerator ought to be entirely level. From front-to-back, however, the fridge should shift 1/4-crawl rearward to permit the ways to close appropriately. Utilize an air pocket or laser level to check. 

Clearances Are Not Maintained 

The fridge should have sufficient leeway on the sides, particularly on the back, for air dissemination and cool appropriately. Resilience relies upon your image of the fridge, so genuinely look at the guidelines for subtleties. By and large, you’ll need something like 3/8-inch on the sides and somewhere around 1-inch toward the rear 

Tip: After sliding the unit once again into the right spot, reset the anti-tip sections situated at the lower two front corners of the team. 

Location Is Affecting the Cooling Capacity 

Suppose the fridge is put in a warm or cold climate, like outside or in a carport, it influences the unit’s cooling limit. In any event, when the fridge is sitting in a mild climate, blistering machines like dishwashers, reach, or stoves neighboring the ice chest can influence the ice chest’s cooling. 

Electric Supply Is Faulty 

Ensure that your fridge’s electrical fitting is tight and firm in the power source. The fridge ought not to connect GFCI outlets as the GFCI might close off capacity to the fridge. 

When to call Ge refrigerator repair services in Atlanta

More perplexing purposes behind your fridge are not cooling, including mechanical tasks. So, it might require a call to the Ge refrigerator repair services in Atlanta. These can include: 

  • Fan engine not working 
  • Compressor not turning on or off 
  • Compressor hand-off substitution 
  • Thermostat not working


These tips will help you to find the issue and resolve them on your own. Sometimes there is a slight issue that causes a big problem. If your refrigerator is not cooling that may be due to a dirty condenser coil or gasket. Perhaps you put the food items over than the fridge capacity. Clearance maintenance also causes issues. Further, sometimes you will find electricity is not supplied properly. So, you should check and repair everything on your own because these things are convenient and need no expert. But if there are other issues with the fan, compressor or thermostat. So, at that time, you should call an expert for Ge refrigerator repair services in Atlanta. You can also visit the site Annexo as they have home appliances repairs, experts. 

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