Is sex work a job?

Sex work is a topic that has always generated a lot of debate and different opinions. Mainly due to the image that everyone has created of it over the years, in which prejudices, ideals, beliefs, values, labels and other related issues are involved. Sex positive feminism, for example, has seen a remarkable growth in recent years. 

Generally speaking, all over the world, it is an activity that involves a great deal of money. In spite of the many people who oppose it, there are many clients who continue to look for and request sexual encounters with escorts in Southend-on-Sea and all over the world. This is one of the reasons why many women decide to become prostitutes. Yet, there are many other reasons, such as the need for money, the taste for sex, etcetera.

Why is 2 June celebrated?

This day is considered International Sex Workers’ Day because of an event that took place in the 1970s. In that year, a group of prostitutes gathered to start a strike in the Church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon, France, as a protest against the aggressions, pressures and discrimination they suffered continuously. 

It was a step they decided to take that marked a before and after, since it was the starting point in the search for sex workers’ rights. From then on, it has evolved a lot, although unevenly in each country. 

Despite this, more and more people are joining the call for greater visibility for sex workers and recognition of their work. In this way, they are asking and expressing the need to obtain more rights and stronger legislation in order for them to be protected. 

What does being an escort entail?

Everyone has formed their own idea about this activity. There are even different names for all those people who do it: companion, escort, call girl, prostitute….

Historically, all of these people have been set apart from society, from the beautiful escorts of Lucknow to the Desi call girls of India. This profession has never been well regarded, for being considered vulgar, dirty and for objectifying women’s bodies. In addition to all the taboos and complexes that usually accompany everything related to sex.

Nowadays, however, to dedicate oneself to this can mean, for some, a complete odyssey. And the fact is that, this is no longer just on the streets as it was in the past. Especially thanks to new technologies and social networks that offer so many possibilities.

There are now a multitude of advertising portals and sometimes, there is even competition between sex workers. To take the most seductive photos, to choose the right words in the publication to attract as much attention as possible… As well as the meeting itself and the preparation and contact with the client. 

Everything counts, apart from the fact that it is often difficult to start in this sector both physically and psychologically. Therefore, it is good to have someone who can advise, has more experience and is able to understand the process and what this kind of profession entails.

That is why many hide their true identity and do not show their face in the photos and videos posted on the internet. This way the people around remain unaware of what they really do for a living. Alternatively, they even end up joining an agency or club that provides greater security and confidence in their encounters.

In favour or against?

Legally it varies a lot from country to country. There are some where it is legal, others in which it is only legal if performed in a certain way, others where it is not even covered by the law, and a few where it is completely illegal. 

But in many cases, the lack of legislation means that it is carried out in secret. By having to do it in hiding, the lack of knowledge and danger increases. As well as discrimination, poverty, poor access to public services and hygienic resources. As a result, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies rise. 

That is why there is a strong movement to bring this profession out of hiding into the open. In some countries, there are even unions made up of sex workers. 

Sex workers and escorts from Nottingham, and from all over the world, are looking for a future where every man and woman can freely choose and decide if they want to be an escort or a sex worker. And if so, to be able to count on support, information, security and resources to do it properly. With no need to hide, put their physical integrity at risk, expose themselves to the prejudices of others or be excluded because of what their occupation is.

In the end, sex and relationships are a natural part of being human. It is not something to be ashamed of or to hide, but rather to accept it as a very important part of life. A pleasurable and seductive side in which life can become even funnier.