YouTube TV Vs. Netflix: Which Is Better?

Sometimes a service pops up and you realize you have never heard of it before. The increase in the number of streaming services has provided users with tons of opportunities but at the same time it has left us all confused beyond sanity. Where to invest the money, whether or not to cut the cable cord yet or what channels and features to choose we all end up paying monthly cable bills just to delay the decision. 

The kids of today don’t realize the struggle of 2 minutes bathroom break in between the commercials and fortunately the world of Netflix and services alike have made their streaming experience wonderful. But when there is a talk about Netflix there is an equal support for youtube TV and Youtube premium services. 

Youtube is as old as we can remember and the service introduced by them must be promising. They also have the youtube coupon code to save up on subscription. Does Netflix have that? We don’t think so. Here are some other ways to consider Netflix and youtube TV. But before that let’s learn a little about the services themselves.

YouTube TV

A cable substitute with better options? Check! Youtube TV promises to help you in happy cord cutting and they don’t compete with streaming services like Netflix because frankly enough youtube and Netflix are different. But there are certain features that can be compared. 

Youtube TV has more than 70 channels and a live streaming network. There are tons of movies and shows available from various channels and you can also enjoy the streaming through their app. There are various features of youtube TV which makes it a good choice. 

  • Unlimited storage
  • Storage availability up to 9 months
  • 6 connected accounts
  • Regional channel access


Netflix produces more original programming and films than all of the cable networks put together… However, as the focus changes away from licensed material and toward original series and films, it becomes an issue of which shows and films you like (or treating Netflix as the ultimate premium channel.)

What You Want To Watch

To choose between the two services, this is the first question you should ask yourself. The type of content you need to watch can determine what service is best for you. If you need to watch something as soon as it is released then youtube TV is the right choice. But if you can wait a few weeks before the content gets on aired then Netflix could be your safest bet. 

There’s no assurance that Netflix will have a contract to stream your favorite series, and even if it does, you’ll have to wait for each season to air before it becomes available on Netflix. You can watch new episodes of network TV series as soon as they broadcast on YouTube TV. To explain it simply, youtube TV is like a cable service without the cable. 


We have got some attention here! Everyone loves advertisements for free content and if we all could name one reason why we don’t like youtube, it is probably because of the advertisements. Netflix is completely ad-free, which will make your viewing experience much more enjoyable. All you have to do is turn on Netflix on your TV, smartphone, tablet, or whatever device you’re using and watch without interruption. There are no commercials in any of Netflix’s content, regardless of whether you pick a movie or a TV show.


Netflix straight away does not promise any added perks nor there any. They have a very friendly user interface which is basic and to be fair, enough for a common viewer. We don’t think there is an expectation of extra perks with Netflix other than the availability of shows on time. 

Netflix would suffice if you’re looking for a service that allows you to access a large collection of movies and TV episodes. It’s worth noting, though, that YouTube TV does have one key feature that may persuade you to subscribe: limitless DVR. You can record as many movies and TV series as you like, and they’ll all be there when you’re ready to view them. But your recordings will be wiped away after nine months so make sure to check the recorded video before that. 


Now we are talking. For an average user, the price is one of the most important considerations for a service. Netflix will easily win this category if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on streaming video. There are three distinct Netflix subscription tiers to choose from. You may pay different amounts depending on whether you want HD video and how many others you anticipate will use your account at the same time.

To be honest, YouTube TV is a lot more costly. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever paid for a cable TV subscription, because those channels aren’t cheap! The good news is that YouTube TV is still less expensive than traditional cable and satellite services. So if we weigh the benefits versus features, we think youtube TV is going to win. 

Youtube Vs. Netflix

As mentioned before, youtube and Netflix can be compared but they are different. It all comes down to the personal choice of the users and what they want to get out of the service. For chill users who need a light amount to be taken out of their banks each month, we think Netflix is the best service but for people who wish to stay ahead of spoilers and are serious entertainment lovers, youtube TV is the best bet. 

One unique feature of youtube TV that sets it apart from Netflix is the live TV. Live television isn’t inexpensive. If you want to watch live TV, a service like YouTube TV could be worth the money. Consider giving both services a try before deciding which one is best for you. Since both of them offer a free trial and you get the option to cancel subscription anytime you like!

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