WoW TBC Fury Warrior Guide

Release your fighting spirit and become the best Warrior in WoW Classic TBC. Learn one of the best Fury Warrior DPS to build and destroy everything that crosses your path.

When you play any Role-Playing Game, like WoW Classic TBC, there appears to be a Warrior archetype within. Moreover, you always have the potential to see your main character slaying monsters with a mighty sword. Even though the gameplay elements make a Warrior look simple, they seem to be fun.

Lorewise, we see how a simple squire suddenly becomes a mighty knight and the future king. Through their journey, you see how they gain potent weapons and special fighting techniques. Moreover, you learn to use your arsenal against wolves and master your methods by defeating a dragon. Lastly, as we see with the TBC Items, they suddenly earn a legendary weapon.

Gameplay-wise, you’re often fighting in a 1v1 match with tremendous challenges. Through the game’s control, you tend to move strategically on the battlefield. Sometimes you can rush and throw all your offensive skills at once. On the contrary, though, you could avoid unnecessary damage with dodges and shields.

In this article, you’ll learn how the Fury Warrior works in WoW Classic TBC. Furthermore, we’ll give you one outstanding DPS build that can aid in your journey. 

WoW Classic TBC Fury Warrior Guide

Warriors in World of Warcraft

The main focus of any warrior is to get as close as possible to your opponent and fight in the shortest range possible. Within WoW Classic TBC, the Warriors have a few gameplay changes than the rest of the other classes. 

For example, they do not have a mana pool beneath the health bar. Instead, you have “Rage,” which is always empty from the start. In the middle of the fight, you’ll increase your Rage bar as you fight against your enemies.

Furthermore, the Fury Warrior is one of those powerful DPS that uses two weapons on each hand. Hence, you have fewer defensive capabilities, but your offensive is quite impressive. Most noteworthy, when you’re leveling with your Fury Warrior, you always need to move carefully. Focus on killing a single mob(random monster) at a time and run if you’re fighting against three or more enemies.

Your Role in a Party

The main objective of any Fury Warrior is to be the DPS (Damage Per Second) of your group. As a result, you’ll need to think offensively and attack anything that is hurting your Tank. Remember that you’ll always have to follow your Tank steps and avoid aggroing more threats in a fight.

Afterward, when you reach the “end game,” you’ll need a powerful party to complete Dungeons and Raids. Since you’ll have a Tank to reduce the damage against you, focus on throwing your abilities to your enemy. Above all, since you’re a melee DPS, you’ll need to avoid any AoE (Area of Effect) spells from bosses. 

In a Player versus Player arena, you’ll need to rush against the healer. If you manage to kill their support before they take yours, you practically won the fight. Additionally, you’ll need to be extra careful if you’re against a ranged DPS. Indeed, avoid any powerful spells and try to control the battlefield with your offensive techniques.

Talents for Your WoW Classic TBC Fury Warrior

Fury Treeline

  • Cruelty
  • Improved Demoralizing
  • Commanding Presence
  • Dual Wield Specialization
  • Enrage
  • Sweeping Strikes
  • Weapon Mastery
  • Flurry
  • Precision
  • Bloodthirst
  • Improved Whirlwind
  • Improved Berserker Stance
  • Rampage

Arms Treeline

  • Improved Heroic Strike
  • Deflection
  • Iron Will
  • Improved Thunder Clap
  • Anger Management
  • Deep Wounds
  • Impale

Best DPS Items

  • WarbringerBattlegear Set
  • Ring of Thousand Marks
  • Spiteblade
  • Dragonmaw
  • Bloodlust Brooch
  • Dragonspine Trophy

Wrapping Up

One of the significant advantages of the Warrior in WoW Classic TBC is that every race can become a powerful fighter. Therefore, you can always make a Fury Warrior with any looks or passive skills. Moreover, being a Warrior is relatively simple. First of all, you do not need to worry about mana, which means that you’ll throw your abilities when able. 

Secondly, you can always try different builds with almost all of the weapons in the game. Therefore, nearly every drop from dungeons can expand your arsenal and give you more tools on the battlefield.Lastly, you might not use that many TBC Classic Gold coins since you’ll need fewer potions in your inventory. As a result, if you’re new to World of Warcraft, you can always make a Warrior and have fewer complications in the long run.