Why Gmail is the most popular Email service?

Gmail is the popular and most used email service around the world. About 1 billion people are using this email service. It was first launched in 2004. Now, it has become one of the most revolutionary services than Yahoo, Microsoft, Hotmail. For taking benefits through Gmail and finding a Gmail account provider, the user needs to open a Gmail account. Moreover, he needs a Gmail account to sign in to Google. Gmail is currently gaining popularity for some of its distinctive features.

It is safe and secure:

It is the safest and secure email service for exchanging information and mails. It has some specific features that make it fast. Nobody can spy on the user’s email while using Wi-Fi because Gmail always uses an HTTPS connection for its security. Besides, all the Gmail emails are automatically encrypting while holding to its servers. 

Moreover, Google offers the user using strong password two-factor authentic feature to make Gmail’s more secure. Every time, user’s mailing times and dates, choosing topics, using privacy consultancy can be monitored by Gmail account. These specific features make Gmail popular.

Providing excellent business package:

For sharing and communicating through a team and reasonable control on his outgoing email with extra features, G-Suite is one of Google’s paid devoted business packages. G-suit allows two essential simple tools providing instant judgement for paying extra bit. The user’s email browser provides to switch the Google logo for his brand’s logo. Besides, it offers him to use his domain name than the generic name for email interactions.

Moreover, G-Suite can integrate Google Hangouts, Google’s Skype video application, with his account. Through G-suite business, the user can store his Gmail emails, files in Drive, Google photos in his organization.

Organizing Email properly:

Gmail is organizing and automatically grouping emails into conversations which is another helpful feature. This feature threads all the messages together. That’s why the user is not bothered by unread messages from his colleagues. Another feature is the default browser. It organizes his Gmail in the standard format of his receiving email through date. Moreover, It helps him to find any Gmail email through the search option.

Having good personalization:

Gmail permits the user to label and filters the email conversation. The user can add the incoming messages to Gmail labels. This label feature works like a tag system. So, Gmail label is a tag system where the user can add each of sending or receiving emails. He can apply more than one tag or label in every email and also add them to drafts. The labels make all the mail for searching available and are organizing the user’s inbox.

Email filtering is the organizing process of emails that works accordingly for specific criteria. It can apply to the anti-spam technique and automate the processing of messages in his inbox. It lets him create rules for controlling incoming emails in Gmail. It is automatically categorizing his email for him.

Finding spam:

Gmail has its much-needed feature, which is spam folder. This spam folder helps keep unwanted messages or viruses in the spam folder before they reach the inbox. It prevents the spread of the virus and slows down its productivity. A unique feature of the spam folder is that it detects the virus and helps prevent its spread. Gmail has become more popular for this particular feature, as it is difficult to find such a feature in many other mail services.


Gmail provides some specific features that are not found in any other email service, and these features make Gmail the best email service provider. Recently the Gmail company has made some changes to make it more interactive, popular, actionable and dynamic. By using the Gmail service, the user can communicate with other people through mailing. The most notable aspect is that data can be exchanged through the mail for all business-related issues without any risk.