What Should You Know about 80D Mediclaim Income Tax Deduction for Individuals?

Health is always a precious gem, and you should not take any chance with it. Perhaps, that is the reason there is presence of Mediclaim’s and health care policies. Of course, once there are policies and plans related to health care, you can be sure that you can also afford immediate and good health assistance in the times of financial need. And since there is Mediclaim deduction 80d included in health insurance plans, things get even more impactful and helpful. No matter you are looking for a plan for your family or yourself; there are policies for individuals as well as families to make the most of.

What if you do not have a health plan?

Whether to have a good health plan or not; the choice is yours. You need to make up your mind. However, there is one thing for sure; in case you do not possess a Mediclaim insurance, then your hospital payments and bills can certainly take a toll on your FDs or savings. Come on, such a thing would awaken a storm in the shape of financial disaster. To avoid any such financial turmoil, you can always have a health policy that guards you from all this.

Stressed life ahead 

Now, again, if you do not have a plan in hand, you may always be worried about the expenses that may fall on you in the times of health problems. What is the point if you experience health issues and you do not have adequate money to pay? It would not just harm your health condition but also steal your peace of mind. Of course, if you are always worrying about your parents, spouse or kids or even yourself and thinking what if you fall sick or have a health issue? Come on, one you have a plan, and you are covered, you can be at ease. You would have peace of mind that you are safe and sound. Your stress would evaporate and there would be no tension. You can be confident that you do not feel stressed or any tension. After all, the confidence that you have a policy in place is going to keep you contented mentally. You can be sure that even if there comes up any health problems, at least there would be no financial problems. You can be having proper financial aid in such times.

Now, if you are an insured person, and you have paid Mediclaim premium for yourself, your partner or even your dependent children, the utmost tax deduction of rupees twenty-five thousand would be on your side. Indeed, you would get this relaxation too and hence double peace of mind.

However, remember that you would get to see a particular criterion for the dependent kids. The premium that you pay for insurance of male gender kids up to twenty-five years of age is quite eligible for tax deduction, on condition that he is unemployed and even that of bona fide student. And if you talk about female kids, she can stay covered for as long as she is not married. So, there is much that gets you peace of mind once you have a policy in hand. Otherwise, you would always be stressed and tensed.

Other than this, in case any of the persons you are talking about is of more than sixty years of age, with senior citizen health insurance, or that of Mediclaim premium that you pay for such an individual then the sum of deduction will be more than rupees fifty thousand. Hence, you can be confident that there is proper saving too and health care too.

What about super senior citizens?

Well, in case you have an uninsured super senior family member or citizen whose age is eighty plus years) in your family, therein, medical spending up to rupees fifty thousand is permitted if you follow what section 80D mentions.  So, the point is no matter what the age group of your family members is, when you have the right policy in hand, you may be saving income tax too. After all, it is about doing smart things in a smarter manner. Having an insurance plan is a smart way to keep yourself and your family away from the financial burden in the times of sudden health problems. Now, adding to it all, if you have an insurance plan, it not just helps health wise but also income tax saving as well. Indeed, only the smarter people do think about these things to ensure both health and money saving. What do you feel, are you a smart fellow?


So, when are you going to opt for a good Care Health Insurance for your family members and yourself? Since you get to know about so much of advantage of having a right Mediclaim plan; don’t miss on it.