What Are the Most Important Points Which Everybody Should Know About the Acute Angles?

By the very basic definition, an angle that is smaller than the right angle is known as the acute angle and in other words, the measure of acute angle will always be less than 90°. All the polygons for example triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid will be consisting of at least one acute angle into it without any kind of problem. Two lines and two lines segments whenever will be having a common point will lead to the formation of the angle and the angle has been always denoted by a specific symbol and will be measured in terms of degrees. There are two main components of the angle which are explained as follows:


  • Vertex: This will be known as the corner or point where the lines of the angle will be meeting each other
  • Arms: Two lines that meet to make the angle will be known as the arms of the angle



 How to measure any kind of angle?



The measurement of the angle will always be based upon the utilisation of the protractor in the whole process so that people are having a good idea about the whole thing. People always need to place the centre of the protractor at any fixed point for example oh of the angle at one of the arms. Now people need to make sure that another room will be indicating the degree of the angle which will be measured from the initial hand in an anticlockwise manner.


 It is also very much important for the people to be clear about the acute angle triangle in which all the angles of the triangle will be less than 90° and will be known as the acute triangle. It will always help in ensuring that people will be able to fulfil their overall purposes and will be having a good command of the acute angle concept. The properties of the acute triangles are explained as:


 All the equilateral triangles are acute triangles and every equilateral triangle will be having three sides of the same length and the angles will be of equal measure which will be 60°.

The opposite of the highest side is the longest side of the acute triangle, acute triangles can be equilateral, Isosceles or the scalene.  Hence, it is very much important for the people to be clear about all the above-mentioned points and apart from this depending upon Cuemath is the best way of ensuring that people have a good command over the concept of vertically opposite angles and several other kinds of property is associated with every type of angle in the whole process. 


The parallelogram will be the quadrilateral with opposite sides being parallel and congruent to each other and the angles that are opposite to each other will be known as congruent. A parallelogram will be having two acute angles and two obtuse angles in the whole process so that there is equal measurement and there is no hassle at any point in time in the whole system. Acute angle trapezoid is another very important parallelogram which will be having one pair of the opposite sides being parallel and the acute episode will be having both interior angles measuring less than 90°.

Following are some of the very basic acute angles in the real life of the people:


  1. The alphabet V is an acute angle
  2. If the people go with the option of slicing a pizza into four or more slices then each slice of the pizza will be making the acute angle
  3. The hands of the wall clock will always make acute angles at different hours of the day
  4. The road signs namely one way and no left Turn also helps in showing the acute angles
  5. The turn signal indicator of the dashboard in the speedometer will be helpful in terms of establishing the acute angles inside the vehicle