What Are Some Of The Best Battlefield Mobile Games?

Do you love to play battlefield mobile games?

They are something great for all ages. They keep the levels of your energy and enthusiasm high and never let you down.


These games come with different levels that you master with time.


Well…if you are a mobile game freak, this is a great opportunity for you to showcase that you have fun on your mobile phones.


Many battlefield games can be downloaded from The PirateBay for free. So wherever you are going, school, college, or office, you can start playing this in your past times. 


In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best battlefield mobile games that are great for your entertainment.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

This is a great game and no question about it. If you are playing it on your PC, you are able to take part in a 64 player game.


That’s huge. Imagine 64 brains are involved in a single game! When you are playing this on a console, you are getting less, but that does not reduce the enthusiasm and intensity of the game.


Simply put forth, play in whatever version; you can get a great experience, that’s for sure. 

1. Battlefield: 1943

Again an interesting game on the list of the mobile version. Though it involves a handful of players (multiplayer), believe us, the intensity is quite high. So what is the structure of this game?


This is a 24player, with three classes and one mode. When you call the features, this game is a harmonious admixture of Graphics and intensity levels.


But one problem you face with this game is the lack of content when you go on to become legendary in this game.


Whatever it might be, this game is among the best we have, undoubtedly.

2. League Of War 

This is a highly strategy-oriented game with 3D graphics. The battle ecosystem will bring you closer to an original battlefield.


This is because you are a part of the strategy building in this game. Therefore they go on to increase the level of intensity automatically.


Apart from the ones mentioned, the game is also fitted with a high level of combat dynamics, one of the main requirements of an interesting combat game. 

3. Sniper Strike 

Arguably one of the best mobile war games that you are going to have on a mobile device. 


Here you are able to perform various functions with your team in this PvP format. This makes the entire game interesting. Remember, any game that you are taking part in a group is bound to be interesting.


Good Animations and excellent graphic design, cool animations, and decent sound are the main elements that require mention.

4. Fields Of Battle

Swim in water, hide and hit, and strict rules- they are requested to a built-up of an excellent game setting. The best thing that will draw you to the game:


One-shot and your enemy is eliminated. While you are at war, you have the right to manage your arsenals and targets.


This is an online game, so you can play against many players. That is USP so far as this game is concerned.

Here the battles take place in real locations. Select your weapons and pounce on your enemies till you get them eliminated! 

5. Pocket Troops 

A bit like a baby game, your game, you know, but you have 12 missions. The format that you are getting in all the missions is that you need to fight out your opponents


While designing this game, the designers have ensured that both parties are given equal opportunities with more or less equal strength.


So get on top of your enemy and demolish its heinous and sinister intentions for good! 

6. Hero Hunters 

This involves a direct confrontation between notorious thugs and many enemies. One of the most attractive functions of this game is the multiple angles.


This provides a different perspective. You have to manage five heroes at one time. You could switch among them anytime that suits your plan and the circumstances. Therefore the interest levels keep climbing high. 


In order to conclude, it can be said that the games are highly interesting and they are charged with difficulty levels.


Though the essential character vastly differs when it comes to the inner dynamics of each game, the basic philosophy remains the same: Slay your enemy.