Apartment Hunting in Dubai Marina? Here Are Some Tips that Can Help You

One of the most populous neighbourhoods in the emirate, Dubai Marina enjoys massive fame and popularity in the entire emirate. It nestles various landmarks and attractions, which makes it a tourist hotspot in Dubai. The presence of stunning waterfront properties in this community further adds to its popularity.

The area features some of the most sought-after residential buildings having a vast collection of apartments in different layouts and sizes. This variety can overwhelm you and may make it difficult for you to choose the right apartment. To help you make the process easy, we have shared some effective apartment hunting tips. Following them will ensure you get the best apartment that matches your requirements and falls within your budget range.

Take a look at these tips:

Make a List of Requirements

It’s always a wise idea to be clear about your requirements prior to starting the process. So, right from the number of rooms you want in your residence to other amenities and facilities, everything should be decided early.

Once you have made this list, share it with your real estate agent. They will shortlist properties for you that meet your requirements. This will not only save your time, but your agent’s as well.  

Set a Budget

A lot of people make this mistake. They either don’t set a budget to buy an apartment or set it too unrealistically.

The right thing to do is to study the market of Dubai Marina and know about the trending property prices. Also, bear in mind that the price of an apartment in one building may not be the same in another. It may give you a hint of prices, but there can be significant differences due to the many factors.

For example, the prices of luxury and non-luxury apartments vary a great deal. Similarly, a studio apartment, as we all know, is priced low as compared to a two or three-bedroom unit. Furthermore, amenities and facilities available with a building also impacts the price. So, this factor must also be taken into account when setting a budget.

You should also account for additional expenses that are associated with buying a property, such as agent’s commission, DLD fees, DEWA charges, etc.

Generally, property prices in Dubai Marina are too high as it’s a highly popular area. However, you can own an apartment here without breaking the bank by buying an off-plan property. The area has a lot of development going on, particularly in the residential sector. For example, Stella Maris Tower is one year away from being fully completed. You can choose this project as secure lifetime waterfront views. The payment plan of this project is also easy on the budget.

Hiring an Agent Can Help

With many real estate portals now available, many believe that it’s nothing but a waste of resources to hire an agent.

The process on paper may seem easy to check out listings on different portals, apply filters and find the right apartment in Dubai Marina. However, it’s not exactly that simple. Real estate agents bring a certain level of expertise and experience to the table, which a layman doesn’t have. Also, they can guide you about the location, project and other details. In some cases, they may also help negotiate the prices.

Simply put, with a real estate agent on board, it will be easier for you to find an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Know About Building Rules

As stated above, Dubai Marina houses various residential buildings. Each building has its own set of specific rules and regulations, which the residents are bound to adhere to. It’s important that you know about these regulations before booking a unit there to save yourself from troubles in the long run.

For instance, not many buildings allow residents to keep pets. So, it can be a great problem if you have found out about this regulation after you have made the down payment or purchased the property in its entirety. You’ll either have to say goodbye to your furry friend or look for another residence. Both of them can be pretty daunting things to do.

Apart from this, there are many other rules and regulations that you must be aware of before buying an apartment in a residential building.  

In all, living in Marina certainly comes with many perks, but only if you have selected the right property. And we hope that the tips we have discussed above will help you find the best apartment that you could proudly call your home. 

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