Understanding the Memes: A Marketing Guide of Do’s and Don’ts

Memes represent a humorous message that is capable of generating extreme laughs. As they are easy to share, you might have considered memes one of the most important factors in your content marketing efforts. Apart from that, memes also establish visual communication. Even though memes carry potential, if they aren’t used properly, they might backfire at your business. 

When used properly, memes will help you to entertain your audiences and strengthen the relationship with them. The sense of humor of your brand will help you to attract the attention of potential customers. On the other hand, copied or irrelevant jokes might trigger your audiences or make them angry. 

Before you start creating memes, it’s best to determine the objectives of your content marketing. After that, understand the audience analytics to create a relevant meme for your marketing campaign. Even though the timing is the most important factor of the memes, other important factors can break or make your content marketing strategy. By learning the do’s and don’ts, you’ll be able to save yourself from creating potential meme marketing mistakes. 

Do: You Should Research and Know Your Audience

Understanding the preferences of your audiences as well as their sense of humor will help you to create relevant memes that will add value to your content marketing campaign. Remember that your primary objective is to generate an emotional connection. If you don’t know your audiences properly, it’ll be hard for you to achieve. As per Future learn, demographics will help you to understand your customers. Apart from using the demographics, also use analytics to learn about the behavior of your audiences. 

  • What is their content preference on social media platforms?
  • What brands do they follow?
  • What is the engagement rate of your audiences?
  • How do they utilize their free time?

Do: Understand the Lifespan of the Memes

Don’t assume that your brand can share the same meme template multiple times on social media platforms. If your meme is unable to capture the attention of potential online customers, then it won’t be able to enhance your content marketing strategy. Remember that memes are directly related to the moment. Hence, most memes have a shorter lifespan. Even though memes from Meme Scout have a higher lifespan, but you should not use them for too long. Otherwise, the popularity of the memes will be decreased. 

Don’t: Memes Just for Vanity Numbers

Memes usually don’t take too much time to be created. You can create memes within a few minutes and then put more effort into your social media marketing strategies and hashtags. This will make you put less time into the other types of content marketing. Hence, don’t create memes without knowing their potential for success. Instead of noticing the likes and page views of the social media channels, make sure you track: read more kent Christmas biography

  • The time spent by the users on your website
  • The engagement rate percentage of your post

Don’t: Copy and Paste the Memes

Sharing the same meme that is already out in the web browser is nothing but a share or retweet. This won’t benefit your marketing campaign. Using the latest trends that will help you to mimic your target customers is a great way. 


Memes not only assist your content marketing strategy but also support your social media campaigns. But, if done improperly, the memes can damage your marketing campaigns. Hence, make sure you create memes that make your audiences laugh

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