Top Decal and Sticker Design Tips That Ensure the Maximum Bang for Buck

In an intensely crowded and competitive environment, it can be very difficult for a small business to boost its brand awareness because of limited budgets. It, therefore, has to rely on being smart and innovative in its efforts to increase its brand reach. Decals and stickers, even though underrated by marketing professionals, can not only deliver outstanding results but also cost very little. According to Vents Magazine, decals deliver a very good ROI. However, it follows that the design of the decals, the way they are printed, and displayed have to be correct for the maximum impact. A few pointers to getting your advertising decals right:

Plan the Campaign 

The basic thing you need to do even before starting to design a decal is to plan out the nuts and bolts of the sticker campaign. In addition to knowing what to communicate, you will need to know where you can display the stickers so that you know what shape and size to make them in. For example, a shop window decal can be considerably larger than a bumper sticker, and you can experiment with more shapes. There is no reason why you cannot have a mix of stickers of various sizes and shapes in the same campaign as long as you maintain the same visual identity. The planning process will also tell you how many decals of each shape you will require so that you can print the right quantity and optimize your budget.

Develop the Design 

The design of custom decals is one of the most important aspects of your advertising campaign. You will need to ensure that within the constraints of the sizes you have to operate in, you can communicate your brand identity, tell people what is your business all about, and provide a compelling reason for them to visit and buy from your store. Remember, your stickers have to compete in a noisy environment, so be sure to use a bold color scheme that synergizes with your brand colors. Keep the message short and simple so that people on the move can read and comprehend it instantly. Make sure that the color of the text has a high contrast with the background, which itself must be kept simple and intricate designs can look messy from a distance. Keeping the profile and preferences of your target audience in mind will help you to develop more effective designs.

Test and Test Again

Many designs look great on a computer screen but fail to achieve the desired result when the sticker is printed. You should, therefore, not hesitate to take out test prints of your designs to find out which ones work the best. It is also a good idea to show the design to other people to establish whether the communication is clear and has the desired effect.


Decal designing is no rocket science; however, you must follow generally accepted design principles and best practices. Discuss with experienced printers about what your objectives are, and they are sure to help you out with practical tips that will give you superior results.

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