Top 4 Tips to Maintain the Structure of Your Sun Shade Sails

Custom sun shade sails are one of the most aesthetic additions in shopping malls, schools, and council recreation areas. Taking good care of them will not only extend the effectiveness of the shade sails but also their lifespan. This is the main reason why you should never ignore the importance of sun shade sail maintenance. 

Seeing a sagging and shabby sun shade sail is undoubtedly the worst experience. Despite its importance, many people still choose to ignore the maintenance of the structure of the shade sails. These structures should not be neglected. Just like it’s important to purchase shade sail from a reputed provider, it’s also important to maintain the structure of the shade sails properly to ensure long-term investment. 

Here are 4 points that will help you to maintain the structure of your shade sails. 

Check the Structure Regularly

Fabric structures are considered moving structures. Hence, if you want to ensure their safety standards as well as their appearance, you should check and service them regularly. This is the best way to avoid excessive tension on the fabric structures. On the other hand, tensile membrane structures are designed and crafted in such a way that they would require low maintenance. However, harsh weather conditions can affect their requirements of service. It’s suggested to check and then re-tension every sail once a year to maintain their effectiveness, 

Repair the Sails after Major Windy Climate

Schedules repairing and cleaning services are one of the best ways to ensure the appearance of your sun shade sail structures. Additionally, this will also help you to maximize the protection from the sun. You should conduct visual checks once a year. However, after encountering every major wind event, you should inspect your shade sail meticulously. 

The inspection will determine if the connection points and stainless fittings are in perfect condition. Additionally, the physical checks will also ensure if the fabric connections are secured or the fabric tension is maintained. 

Watch for the Signs of Vandalism

Cigarette burn, footprints on the shade sails, and rubbishes will indicate that other people are mistreating your sun shade sails. These activities will not only damage the structure but also create long-lasting consequences. Hence, you need to address safety issues. Depending on your budget and location, you can install security cameras or install vandal deterrents to columns. As per the Securityinstrument, security cameras will help you to prevent vandalism. Additionally, if you want to change the structures, make sure that it’s handled by a reputable engineer or contractor. 

Take Photos during Inspection Process

When you have a photographic record of the shade sail structures, it will help you to compare the before and the after factors of the inspection. This is why taking photos during the inspection is extremely important as well as helpful. Don’t forget to include every fabric attachment and structural fitting in the photoshoot. 


These are the top 4 tips that will help you to maintain the structure of your custom sun shade sails. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll discuss the shade sail options as well as maintenance services as per your requirement.  

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