Things to consider when considering Coronavirus test at home

The world is currently undergoing a tough phase due to the quick spread of the novel coronavirus also referred to as Covid-19 & SARS-CoV-2. Several delta versions have even emerged, thus keeping people inside their homes. Only those on emergency duties are allowed to go out on the streets even now in many countries. The reason is because this virus on affecting a person causes various types of health issues including death. A good number of populations have succumbed to this dreadful virus not only in the underdeveloped and developing countries, but also in developed countries like the USA, and European countries. Essential public health measures are put in place like physical distancing, using of masks, hand sanitizers and taking government approved vaccines. Social distance has helped to curb the virus to a greater extent, thus keeping the numbers low. But unfortunately, lack of discipline among the public in some countries like India has only been helping this dreadful virus to resurface again. 

Covid Test at Home

Scientists and manufacturers have managed to introduce medically approved home testing kits that are now easily available online or at the local pharma store. These covid test at home kits are proving to be crucial tools to restrict further spread of Covid-19 pandemic. 

More about Covid-19 virus

Before you start shopping for the home testing kit, you need to be first aware about SARS-CoV-2 virus. It spread quickly from China to almost all continents, affecting people of all ages. Symptoms noticed vary with some people exhibiting sickness, breathing problems, thus requiring immediate hospitalization and medical attention. However, people already suffering from underlying medical conditions like diabetes, lung or heart disease are more susceptible to contracting this fatal disease. 

Common symptoms noticed

Covid-19 symptoms are generally found to develop about 2 to 14 days after the person gets exposed to the virus. Some of the commonly noticed symptoms across the globe are:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Sudden loss of smell, taste or even both
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting

However, it will be essential to understand that such symptoms might arise on contracting other diseases. For this reason, it will be a wise decision to buy medical authorized home test kits to rule out the virus while testing. 

It is noticed that some people affected with Covid-19 virus are found to be asymptomatic. This means, no common symptoms are displayed. But they do risk becoming a carrier of this virus, thereby spreading among others. Hence, numerous public health measures and physical distancing will be vital along with home coronavirus testing. 

When is the need to home test?

According to medical experts, home testing for coronavirus will be necessary if the person exhibits Covid-19 symptoms. It is equally important if the person has contacted another person or group having tested positive. At the same time, people not able to access any nearby public testing site or healthcare provider should take the home test. 

Those contracting Covid-19 might be contagious for a period of about 2 days after which the symptoms could appear. They will further stay contagious for approximately 10 to 20 days depending on their sickness level and immunity strength. 

Why take the test?

When you buy a home test kit, make sure it is FDA and medically approved. Getting the test validates the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material. Some tests make use of NAATs (nucleic acid amplification tests) to amplify the genetic material of the virus, thus being easy enough to detect. A few companies might use two different NAATs types, like TMA (transcription-mediated amplification) and RT-PCR (reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction).

Steps to follow take correctly the test

  • You need to use a fresh cotton swab and insert it in your lower nasal passage to collect a sample. 
  • Place it inside a vial provided with the test.
  • Send the vial with the sample to the lab in the provided enclosed shipping label.
  • The lab specialists will receive the sample and carry out several diagnostic tests to identify if you are affected with Coronavirus or not. 
  • Usually, the test results are offered 1 to 3 days on receiving the sample. 

Based on the test reports, you may decide whether to seek medical support or not. The receipt offered with the results can be submitted with your medical insurance provider for reimbursements.

When is the right time to visit the doctor?

If you exhibit any of the symptoms that are mentioned above, then you should visit the doctor without any further delay. This will be crucial to determine your next course of action like arranging at-home test or visiting the testing site. The medical providers will provide valuable advice on isolation and quarantine measures while you wait for your results. 

Who are not eligible to avail home test?

Smokers and people suffering from chronic disease and are termed high risk should not avail home testing methods. They should rather consult their doctors.