The 7 Key Elements That Makes Any Movie A Great One

Do you like a movie because it has a fantastic story? 

Or is the cinematography stunning? 

Is the soundtrack excellent?


The answer to all these questions should be YES!!!


We have realized that it doesn’t help much if you’re trying to figure out what parts make a movie great because plainly — anything will be extraordinary if everything about it is fantastic. 


Films have an essential role in our lives. Whether we watched them in theatres or at home, movies have always amused us. 


When a movie is good, you want to see it again and again. Even after the movie is ended, you find yourself thinking about the characters. A great film requires a lot of talent and ingenuity. 


Let’s find out the 7 essential elements that make any movie great. 

Which Elements Make Any Movie A Great One?

Before we dive into the list of these critical elements, we must tell you that you can download any movie you want from thenewpiratebay and enjoy a lovely evening. However, before you do that, let’s find out the 7 critical elements of a great film. 

1: Good Characters

The most crucial aspect of the narrative is the characters. They are a film’s life. 


When you watch a movie, you should enjoy some of the characters. You should be able to relate to such characters. 


The principal character of the film is crucial. If the audience dislikes the main character, the film will fail.


Therefore, the narrative must put a protagonist and an antagonist in such a way that speaks to you and make you identify your life story with them.

2: Simple Plot

People’s hearts may be won with a simple plot because the audience won’t be attracted to watching a movie if the story is too complicated. 


The plot is the key to making or breaking the film’s career.


You can always start with a simple plot and intricately weave the storyline to help the audience resonate with the vibe.


If the plot of the movie is too complicated such as Interstellar, or Donnie Darko, it will not win the audience’s hearts, and they won’t remember it for much longer.

3: Attention To Details

The movie’s specifics are crucial. It begins when the screenplay is being written. 


Casting, shots, and so on must all be carefully studied. All of these particulars will be appreciated by the audience.


However, attending to the details is the director’s job, which is why a good director is a must for a great film.


He may not have enough experience in filmmaking, but if the man is observant enough, he can make a great film at the first take.

4: Movie Theme

Your message of the movie should be unmistakable. 


It is what you want the audience to remember about your film. Therefore, you should include that concept distinctively in your tale. 


No one should leave the room with a negative opinion of your film.


Even if you have a simple plot, your movie’s theme must make the messaging clear so that when people leave the theatre, they go with a new lesson in their mind. 

5: A Nice Ending

How does that old saying go?- ‘All’s Well That Ends Well.’


It is true to every great film ever made.


The ending of a tale is critical to the success of a film, which is why a lousy finale frequently spoils many films. 


The climax must be well-written, and it must neatly conclude the tale. However, don’t linger too long on the conclusion as it will lose the movie’s essence.

6: Internal Logic

We’re distinguishing between a film’s overall coherence and interior logic. 


Internal logic is unique to each film and plot. Even if your movie has a bizarre subject, you must have the internal logic to make sense out of it.


If your movie has an excellent internal logic on absurd subjects like magic, vampirism, or time travel, you can make any ludicrous subject work.


Just imagine how silly the notion of a time-traveling DeLorean is and then consider how fantastic Back to the Future is. You’ll likely get what we are trying to say.

7: Good Acting

You may have the best-directed, best-written, and most visually spectacular film in the world, but you still need people to show up and act. 


One of my main gripes with the Star Wars prequels was how wooden and terrible the acting was. 


Ewan McGregor is the standout because, somewhere between the first and second films, he stopped attempting to be serious or even reasonable sometimes.


This is why good acting is the key to making any film a great one.

Putting It All Together

Now you must have a specific idea of what goes on inside the director’s mind before undertaking a project.


There are great things to consider before making a movie.


So, if you want to know more about them, ping us in the comment box.