The 5 Best Vape Mods Kits for Bigger Clouds

Although vaping hasn’t been around for that long, the rapid growth in popularity and use of vaping tools indeed enabled it to progress more than any other similar activity. Ever since it became widely known and used by the general public, people have been experimenting with their vaping tools and devices without any signs of stopping.

As a result, now we know how diverse the vaping kits can be as people can use them for different purposes. Nevertheless, the two main uses of vape devices proved to be vaping and cloud-chasing.

If you consider yourself a cloud-chaser, you’re certainly on the hunt for a vape kit that’ll produce some of the most significant clouds. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll discuss the top 5 vape mods kits for all could-chasers out there.

  1. GeekVape NOVA – 200W

GeekVape is a well-known brand that never disappoints to deliver high-quality products with amazing designs. Another such product is the juno pods battery, perfect for all vapers who enjoy big clouds.

As one of the best vape kits currently on the market, the NOVA kit is durable, sturdy, and made out of high-quality materials. The kit comes with various customizable settings users can change and personalize to fit their needs best. Furthermore, it’s easy to set up and use, making this vape kit ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers.

With a range from 5W to 200W, the NOVA kit is a powerful tool for all vaping techniques and preferences. Its numerous customizable features will ensure you produce big and flavorful clouds every time.

This ergonomic, comfortable, and lightweight vape kit comes in 8 different colors, all completed with a luxurious resin wave pattern. Therefore, not only does it perform well, but looks impressive too.

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  1. Vaporesso LUXE II – 220W

If you’re looking for a brand that never stops delivering excellent products with impressive features, Vaporesso is the perfect choice for you. An important and influential brand in the vaping industry by now, Vaporesso came up with yet another vape kit called LUXE II.

The reasons you’d like to take a look into LUXE II are numerous. It comes with a durable battery, sleek design, and powerful output of 220W. So, it’s a dream come true if you enjoy the rich flavor but would like to see some thick clouds as well.

The strong 220W setting is here to make any vaping task easy, while a durable battery will keep you equipped for a long time, even when you’re on the go. The device is comfortable in hands as it’s made from lightweight, quality materials and has rounded edges for a nice grip. Finally, Vaporesso LUXE II comes in multiple eye-catching designs you can choose from.

  1. Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C – 200W

Another brand that has a significant influence in the entire vaping industry is Lost Vape. It has been a worldwide favorite for some time now, equally among vapers and cloud chasers.

With the power of up to 200W, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish with this powerful piece of equipment. The cutting-edge technology used for the production of Centaurus DNA 250C ensured all owners could customize this kit to serve different purposes.

The size of the kit is ideal – it’s neither too big nor too small. It’s just the right size for it to be comfortable in the hands while the display screen is still clearly readable. The kit comes with a few customizable options, all of them easily accessible thanks to the convenient screen.

Available in 7 trendy designs, the Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C vape kit will surely exceed all your expectations.

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  1. Vaporesso Gen – 220W

Going back to Vaporesso, this brand has yet another vape mod kit that needs to be mentioned. Namely, Vaporesso realized numerous manufacturers went a bit overboard by constantly developing the most unique and eye-catching design.

That’s why they decided to take a step back and designed their Gen vape kit. With simple, sleek, and luxurious design, there are no crazy illustrations or large brand logos on the device. Everything’s rather minimalistic, simple, and clean.

In this case, less is more. The Gen vape kit was instantly met with positive reviews and massive support from the fans. But looks aren’t the only good feature of the Gen kit.

The incredible 220W this vape mod comes with will ensure you have an enjoyable vaping session every time you go for this kit. It’s viral among cloud-chasers as its power allows them to produce some of the biggest and thickest fumes of vapor.

  1. SMOK G-PRIV 3 – 230W

Last but certainly not least, the SMOK G-PRIV vape kit is among the top picks by cloud-chasers. This model is so popular that it’s already on its third ready-to-purchase edition currently. The G-PRIV series are easily recognizable by their unique designs, large displays, and, of course, big clouds. However, each edition comes with something new and never-seen-before, making SMOK a very innovative brand.

When it comes to SMOK G-PRIV 3, it features both software and hardware upgrades compared to the older models. For instance, the newest model can deliver up to 230W in just 0.001 seconds. So, it’s easy to say SMOK G-PRIV 3 is currently one of the best vape kits out there.

The display is what sets SMOK apart from the other brands on this list. With it, you can easily control the temperature, create personalized modes, use various system settings, and even put a password on your device. With 230W at your disposal, the sky’s the only limit for your clouds.

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How to produce big clouds

A lot goes into how big your vaping clouds can get.  Vape kits, settings, e-liquids, maintenance, and technique are just some of the issues you might want to consider. Nevertheless, we decided to include the four essential factors that can significantly affect your vapor production. 

  • Get a powerful vape kit!

Everything starts from what kind of a vape kit you own. Therefore, a powerful vape kit is your first step towards making big and thick clouds. In this article, we’ve covered the top 5 products that’ll ensure you’re happy with the outcome.

So, if you’re not sure which vape kit is made for good vapor production, we suggest checking out the models mentioned above.

  • Use appropriate e-juice!

E-juice also plays a significant role in vaping. All e-juices come with a certain VG/PG ratio, and this is the key to purchasing juices intended for cloud-chasing. Essentially, you’ll want to aim at e-liquids with a higher VG to PG ratio. The vegetable glycerin (VG) thickens your juice and ensures you get those big and puffy clouds.

  • Pay attention to your technique!

Long and deep hits are the best vaping technique you can use to see those juicy clouds forming and changing shapes. Your personal capacity and lung power are essential here, so even people using the same tools and identical setup can achieve different results.

  • Take care of your equipment!

It’s not uncommon to see your clouds getting smaller and smaller. This is most likely because your atomizer is starting to get stuck from all the thick vape juice. Therefore, all you need to do is find some time to clean your equipment properly. After that, you’ll have a clean kit and big clouds!

The bottom line

To conclude, people found different ways to make vaping even more enjoyable. Besides rich flavor, now you can experiment with cloud and vapor production, all thanks to the contemporary vape kits available today.

If you’re unsure which vape kit mod is suitable for you, then this short guide can help you. You can’t go wrong with any of the five kits mentioned, as they all deliver outstanding results.


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