Spinz Powder: The fragrant addition to your beauty regime by Spinz

The powder is a product that almost every woman and man uses daily. Using powder before going out is like a sacred ritual among Indian families. And another thing that is common in all the ladies is that all of us love face powders. Some of us use body powders interchangeably as face powder. Now there is nothing to worry about. Spinz powders are specially crafted for your face. Apart from creating a luminous effect, Spinz face talcs are innovative because they blend powder and coverage products.

But with the range of Spinz powder, you are covered. This fragrant powder will give you a fresh start and will last all day. So it is an excellent addition to your beauty regime. Starting from oil control to mild coverage and setting powder for your makeup, this multi-faceted product is simply superb and extremely affordable. 

Spinz: The Brand 

Spinz is a perfume and talc brand launched by the company Cavinkare. Established in 1997, the company manufactures specially designed fragrances for women. It has been catering to women’s fragrance needs for years and has passed the test of time by becoming a trusted brand for over two decades. As a result, many women have shifted to using Spinz products, and it is now one of their favourite brands.

About Spinz Powder

Spinz powder is a unique blend of long-lasting fragrances that will keep you fresh all day long. In addition, it has a range of floral aromas that will give your day an aromatic start. The unique formula of Spinz talcs helps in sweat control and reduces body odour. Apart from body talc, Spinz also has a range of face powders that will give you a glowing matt look when you step out of the house. The range of face powders offers proper coverage and gives you clear, oil-free skin.

Benefits of Using Spinz Powders

Spinz powder has gained popularity among the masses in recent years. And here is the list of reasons why you should try Spinz powders.

● Spinz BB powders are specially formulated for your face.

● They have unique ingredients that are safe to use for your face skin.

● Spinz BB talk will give you true matt courage and an instant glow.

● It covers blemishes and spots, making your skin look brighter and radiant.

● The powder contains micro-particles and minerals to deliver a fine texture to the skin.

● You can use it after applying your moisturisers or face cream. Or can be also applied directly to the face.

● It will give you a matt and oil-free look that lasts all day long.

● It has a unique fragrance that comes from flowers and other essential oils.

● The fragrances will help fight body odour and excessive sweat.

● It absorbs excess oils, sweat and makes your skin look fresh.

● It has a reasonable price that is easy on your pockets.

Proper steps to use it

Following proper steps can give you a radiant, glowing look.

● Cleanse your face thoroughly before using the powder.

● Let your face dry completely before applying.

● If you have dry skin, first apply your moisturiser and then use the powder by gently tapping it on your face with a sponge or a brush.

● If you have oily skin, you can directly apply it to your face by the same method.

● The powder can also prove to be efficient as a setting powder for your base makeup.

● First, apply your moisturiser, primer, and foundation.

● Then use the Spinz powder as a setting powder.

● Lightly tap it on the face with the help of the Brush or a sponge.

● Do not rub while applying, as it may take off the rest of the makeup.

● After that, you can apply your eye makeup, face highlighter, blush, and contour.

Is the Powder Actually Good?

Spinz powder is a must-try. It has unique ingredients that are safe to use for your face skin, and it contains minerals and micro-particles that give your skin a fine texture. It will provide you with a pleasing matt look with a radiant glow. That is another reason why the product is so popular. It can provide sheer coverage and can cover spots and light blemishes. However, acne marks and redness may not hide with this product as it is a powder and can not offer as much coverage like a foundation or cream. 

Spinz BB powder is available in medium skin tone shades. It will give you an instant oil-free look and will last all day long. You can buy the small pack of Spinz powder for as low as INR 20.

Does it have any side effects?

The powder does not have any side effects. And is safe for use for all skin types. But make sure you check the ingredients list if you have any particular allergies. Most of the ingredients used are the basic ones found in any powder. While using the powder for dry skin, make sure to apply a moisturiser before it. Applying powder directly to your skin will soak even the little moisturisation, making it look parched and dry. And this applies to any face powder. Apart from this, it is a great product overall and has excellent reviews from actual users.

You will not regret adding Spinz powders to your beauty regime. It has all the features that a face powder must-have. And to top this, it has other additional benefits that will make you glow even more.