SEO Checklist: SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

It is crucial to understand the highs and lows of SEO if you belong to the rapidly evolving world of eCommerce. Increasing sales and generating traffic are the two basic goals of every eCommerce business. Being an SEO, you can assist users to discover your website through organic methods.

However, you have to step cautiously when doing SEO for your website. Techniques and trends change before you can comprehend and the same things that were indispensable for success become damaging. The frequent change in Google algorithms can be exhausting and confusing to keep up with. That is precisely why we have done insightful research to highlight the SEO mistakes you should specifically beware of in 2021.

Do not ignore the “Google My Business” listing

It is a critical error that can cost you hours of hard work. It is highly recommended that SEOs claim and properly manage their Google My Business listings. By studying continuing Google trends, we have surmised that “near me” searches remain significant for the search engine. It is the single greatest opportunity for small businesses to claim their location. Moreover, it allows them to provide the necessary information and answer received queries efficiently.

Focusing only upon on-site SEO

Most businesses still put more emphasis on just doing on-site SEO. Website optimization does play an important role in search engine ranking. However, you cannot entirely overlook off-site strategies either. It is vital for all online businesses to create engaging content for websites other than theirs. You must allocate effort and time to produce such material that contains links directing users to your website.

Overlooking meta descriptions and page titles

More web pages that we can count have titles as bland as “home”. Fixing page titles and including meta descriptions are important SEO tasks. Even though it is a simple thing to correct it should not be considered less necessary. Most CMS systems on websites can make these changes by default. Despite that, this detail should be dealt with when building a website.  

Lack of regular website audits

The purpose of an audit is to review the performance of your website. Both from the perspective of search engines and users. It explores all aspects of the website from an external point of view. Is the navigation of the site user-friendly? Is it easy to find relevant information on it? How smooth and quick does the website launch on mobile devices?

This insightful evaluation reveals ways through which the minor and major issues in a site can be fixed. An audit delves through different areas such as loading speed, checkout process, optimization, quality content and more.

Leaving prior URL when redesigning a website

SEO success can suffer hugely from this common mistake. When revamping a website, make sure that the traffic is directed to new URLs. If you proceed to alter the URL of a page that receives extensive traffic, Google will get confused. It will be unable to decipher where the web searcher should be sent. Hence making you lose a lot of valuable SEO driven traffic if you want to see the best website for this purpose visit uk essay writing service website as the best example.

Placement of important messages in images rather than the page

It is much more attractive from an aesthetic point of view to convey messages solely through visuals. It is somewhat easier as well in comparison to coding the image around a piece of text.

But the biggest obstacle to this approach is that search engine algorithms only detect text. They are unable to identify any text which is in the form of an image. Content is key for SEO, therefore the words on any webpage must be properly indexed.

Not having fresh quality content

Sometimes business websites do not contain blogs at all. While others, even if they do have blogs, do not provide truly valuable content. It is important to focus on this aspect and cover well-researched blog post topics. Maintain a balance of keywords and sharing content genuinely profitable for your visitors. This will help you attain the objectives of increased conversions and improved search engine rankings simultaneously.

Purchasing backlinks

While buying backlinks you are probably unaware that you are purchasing these in the bulk from flagged sites. Google does not appreciate this method and it will cause you to face SEO failure. You need to earn these backlinks in today’s digital market. Your link should appear with high authority websites with great traffic for this to happen through legitimate means.

Building content only to please algorithms

It is important to understand that depending on your content on the requirements of algorithms will not get you far. You must have a far-reaching insightful strategy for content creation. It should cater to what your target audiences want or need alongside the technical elements in order to succeed. In turn, you will gain a significant edge over your competitors while securing the interest of your potential consumers.

Try not to fall behind on trends

This can be on the biggest errors you make while doing SEO. The trends are changing more rapidly than you can catch up with, in this industry. But you must be aware of every new change to build the right SEO strategies. Sticking to the same strategies can be extremely damaging in the long run for any business.

Trends, just like voice search has done, tend to take over the digital market overnight. It is essential to stay relevant and updated with the subtlest of changes and follow the current dos and don’ts. Keep your efforts leading in the game so that your business stays prominent on every online channel.


Even experts agree that SEO can be maddeningly challenging at times. There are always algorithms and trends which change the entire game just as your strategy starts to work. But following the guideline provided here, you can stay prepared and build better tactics. We provide further guidance in academics as well as dissertation writing services UK. Reach out to us with your requirements and receive top-quality content in any field.        

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