Quality products from Exklusiva Viner

If you are someone who loves to buy premium products, especially beverages then you must visit the Exklusiva viner site for the best of products. Read the complete article to know more about it. 

Taste of Mallorca 

Taste of Mallorca is an Exklusiva Viner company established in 2017. They aim to provide import the best beverages from Mallorca and Sweden. They import and market alcoholic beverages to the customers. 

If you have a fine taste for premium beverages and alcoholic drinks, this website can be your go-to destination. They are approved by recognized suppliers from all around the world. The products are tested and verified before making them available in the local market. 

You can be assured that you will receive only the best of the best when it comes to alcoholic drinks.  Wines, Rums, Brandy, and Gins are some of the products from Mallorca which are handpicked and recommended. 

Solid Craftsmanship 

After visiting and testing hundreds of other similar competitors who provide genuine wine products, we found this company to be the best. This is the place where all the products are quality tested and are then delivered to the customers. 

They have a quite huge team which is experienced enough for packaging and delivering the products right to your doorstep. They also go through every order o provide personalized attention to each of them.

It is now a well-known company in the market and it could only be possible due to the efforts of the craftsmanship team. 

Order Online 

You can visit the official website and can place your Exklusiva Viner order there. You might have to sign in and then provide your address along with your name. You can also do the payment online, after placing the order. 

You can also choose a date and time according to your convenience in which you want the product to be delivered to you. The products are of genuine quality. 

You can find a range of alcoholic drinks on the site. The drinks are imported from different countries and then made available for the customers. You can place your order any time on the site. 

You will also be provided with an order id through which you will be able to track its progress of it and can be assured about its delivery of it.

Tasting Experience of the beverages 

You can now have a tasting experience virtually. The taste of Mallorca’s partner takes the customers through the site by letting them taste handpicked beverages along with providing the necessary information about the product.

You will get to know the facts about the beverages you taste currently. You can see the examples of wine boxes on the website which have detailed information about the product from Mallorca. 

You can contact the team of Mallorca to know about any of the particular beverage items. They are in the market sector for years now and can understand every aspect of where the confusion might arise for the users. 

As such, they get back to you within a few minutes of submitting the contact details form. You need to submit your Exklusiva Viner name, email address, and contact number. To get the form, you can click on the contact tab given at the top of the website.

Get to know the wines 

Before placing an order on the site, we want you to know about the Mallorca product in detail. Only then you will be able to understand how it is made and where the exclusive taste does come from. 

We have a lot of customers who have written reviews about the product on the site. We can assure you that after tasting the different ranges of alcoholic beverages, you will end up ordering not one but at least 2 to 3 different Mallorca wines and beers. 

We try to understand the taste of our users and then handpick the items for them by importing from different nations. Do try out any of the products and let us know how you felt after tasting them.


In the news section of the site, you will find different articles and pieces of news collected over time. These are the publications about the company and its products of it in the news. This helps the users to understand that the products are genuine. 

You can head over to the website to check them out and understand the beverage products. There is also another sub-section in which you will be able to see the news published on different social media handles about the firm and the beverages.

The news section keeps updating every day. You can also refine your search according to the years in which news related to Mallorca was published. The platform where this news was generated is a true and reliable site. 


Taste of Mallorca imports wines from Exklusiva Viner Mallorca and then sells them via the firm’s assortment in Sweden. If you reside in Sweden, then you can either order online or visit on-site to buy the products. 

The beverages are made out of premium products. This is why the customers rely upon the site and place their orders to receive the drinks. The drinks costs at an affordable price range.

Each product has a different cost. To know about each of the products and their prices, you can either directly check on the website or get in touch with the team, so that they can guide you on the same. 

You must be at least 25 years or above to place your orders on the site. Also, this age limit varies from country to country. Hence, make sure you check that once before proceeding ahead!


In this article, we have read about the exclusive range of beverage products that can be loved by customers. You can place the order Exklusiva viner online and the website supports different modes of cash payment. You can either pay using cash on delivery or through the cards.