Path of Exile – Getting Started with Crafting

These are the very basics that you need to know to craft in the ARPG.

Path of Exile is a game that has a lot to provide players with where variety is concerned. There is a lot that we need to get used to, and one element that is difficult in particular is crafting. Resources like PoE Trade is going to help you out in terms of getting the items you need. But before we can do anything like that, we need to be able to understand the fundamentals of what crafting is and how we can use it. 

How Items Work

We are going to be giving you the lowdown on the very basics of crafting in this article. To do that, you’ll need to learn all about the structure of items that the game offers. Items in Path of Exile are separated into different colours, with each colour representing the rarity of an item.

For example, you have white items that are your normal standard kind of item. Blue meanwhile represents magic items, whilst yellow is rare and orange is for unique items. The amount of affixes that you can have with these items is dependent on the rarity of it. These affixes are then split into prefixes and suffixes. 

Knowing your item base is also going to be useful to you. To figure out what your item base is, just check out the name of the item itself. The item base will always be found in the name, and won’t be altered even if you craft it into something else.

At some point you may come across either shaper or elder bases as well. They are not found on typical items, and they require the cosmic or tentacle backgrounds in order to identify them. If you’re on a map that has either shaper or elder influence, then you may have come across these items already.

Crafting with your Currency

PoE currency is a major factor of the game, though it doesn’t work in the traditional sense of using gold and coins. Instead, we are going to be using orbs, scrolls and other alternative forms of currency. For example, the Exalted Orb is a crafting currency orb that is highly priced. This can be used to add an affix to a rare item. This isn’t necessarily always the best option, as you could just purchase better items rather than adding the randomised element to it that this orb brings.

Crafting using PoE currency is the most basic method of crafting in the entire game. There is a plethora of different orbs available for us to use that will serve different purposes. Another orb example would be the Regal Orb, which you can use for upgrading your magic items, or the Orb of Chance can turn a normal item into one of random rarity.

When you are using these orbs, you won’t be making any changes to the item itself. So features such as the item base, the level of the item or the quality of it will not be altered when using the orbs. 

The Crafting Bench

In your hideout, you will have access to a crafting bench. This hideout will be made available to you once you have reached Act 2 and completed the necessary quest. Helena, an NPC in Path of Exile, will provide you with access to a hideout of your own. 

The bench already has some recipes with it, but you will find more as your progress through the game. These recipes can often be found in certain areas like the Delve mine, or by revealing certain items that you pick up.

As you will have noticed already when working with orbs for crafting, there is a level of randomness that often comes with it. Though some may not consider the crafting bench to be as effective, it does still give you a bit more control over what you are crafting. At least, you will have the chance to add one affix at the very least to the items that you have. 

There are other uses to the crafting bench, such as being able to craft corrupted items, changing links and sockets, and much more. So whatever you do, be sure to not sleep on the use of the crafting bench to help you in your battle through Wraeclast.

These are just some basic tips as far as crafting goes in Path of Exile. Your PoE currency is key to your success, meaning you should make sure that you have enough of it to survive what is coming in the popular ARPG.

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