OSRS – About The Tower of Life Building

The Tower of Life plays host to an interesting quest, and a fun minigame.

The Tower of Life in Old School Runescape isn’t just a quest, but also a building of interest. Rather than take you through a quest guide or tell you how much OSRS gold you’ll need, we are instead going to be taking a closer look at the building itself, and what you can expect to find there.

What is The Tower of Life?

To the south of Ardougne, you will find the Tower of Life, which is a place that looks into hybridising animals. The tower is made up of four floors altogether, and includes a basement dungeon that we can use for Creature Creation. There is a quest that is named after the building, in which you are tasked with building parts to repair the tower that the builders won’t do.

The quest of the same name heavily focuses on the tower, which is to be expected given the title. You have to make the parts for the alchemists, though they don’t turn out to have pure intentions. After they make their escape, you’re able to cure the Homunculus, which is being kept captive to be experimented on. Finishing the quest grants you access to the basement where you can then play the Creature Creation minigame.

Finding The Tower

To reach the Tower of Life you need to go to East Ardougne. From there, you can head south to reach the tower. If you don’t fancy walking, then there’s some teleport options for you to use. The Fairy Ring d.j.p code will take you to the tower itself. However, you’ll need to have completed part of A Fairy Tale Part II first. Alternatively, there’s the Ardougne teleport that will land you near the marketplace in East Ardougne, so you can just walk south from there to reach the tower. You can get close to the tower with the Ardougne Cloak as well, which takes you to the monastery by the tower.

Inside The Tower

The ground floor has a number of crates that you can search. These are mainly reserved for OSRS items that are used in the Tower of Life quest. You are still able to search for the quest items even after it has been completed. Moving up to the first floor, and this is all about the quest so there’s no need to use it otherwise. There’s nothing to help you earn OSRS GP here, meaning we can move on up to the second floor.

Sadly, it’s the same case for both the second and third floor. Unless you’re here for the quest, then there’s no real use for being on either floor really. If you have come here to find a way to avoid looking for OSRS gold for sale, then you are out of luck. The only point of interest is the tower opening on the wall to the south on the third floor, but it is barricaded anyway.

It doesn’t sound too promising so far, but fear not. Players that choose to take on and complete the quest will then get access to the basement dungeon. When you do go down there, speak with the Homunculus to the north, and you will be taught how to play the Creature Creation minigame. This game involves the six symbols of life which are dotted around the dungeon.

Whilst you are in the northern part of the dungeon, you’ll also see a magic well. This provides the water that is supplied through the tower’s altars and pipes. Meanwhile, in the middle of the dungeon we have what appears to be the tools that would have been used to make the Homunculus by the fleeing alchemists. There are all sorts of other eerie features to this room, such as cages, experimental tables and more, but they cannot be used by you.

When you go along the northern wall, you will notice that there’s a room, but there is actually no use for it. If you were to go in, you’d find glowing blue squares, before your character proclaims how strange it is when leaving.

Now you know the ins and outs of the Tower of Life in terms of what the building features. The minigame is certainly worth checking out, meaning that you will need to go ahead and complete the Tower of Life quest first. There isn’t much to do to prepare for the quest itself, but if you’re looking to gain some extra gold, then be sure to find a place that sells trusted OSRS gold. You may be tempted to find cheap OSRS gold, but that isn’t always the best option in the long run.

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