Modern IDX fuels a massive wave of new hyperlocal real estate agent websites in 2022

Unlike many other businesses, the main features of the real estate business haven’t changed a lot. Nonetheless, a few modern ideas and tools have found their way into the old business. This includes IDX, which many average real estate agents are either unfamiliar with or unintentionally misunderstood. In both cases, it is OK, and you can now get an in-depth look at IDX and the top-rated IDX in 2022.

Definition of IDX 

IDX is an acronym referring to the Internet Data Exchange. The term has not been around for a long time, but it has made a change to the face of industry. IDX is a broad concept that includes different methods, standards, and technological tools. All of them are used for displaying real estate data on various sites owned by different real estate agents.

You can think of IDX as a part of MLS. Before you get lost in terms, you should know that MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS offers the rules for sharing the same listings and data among different brokers, realtors, and agents. A single MLS contains properties from a certain geographical area.

Generally, when a real estate agent speaks of IDX, they are usually referring to a technology tool that allows potential real estate buyers to find units within a specific MLS. Integration of IDX in the real estate world has created a revolution regarding the way of finding properties.

Without IDX, a buyer has one and only one way to browse available properties: going to a realtor’s office and waiting for them to view the units. But currently, buyers as well as realtors can have access to more purchasable or rentable properties. So, does this mean that buyers won’t need agents anymore? And that IDX integration is bad for the livelihoods of real estate agents. No, on the contrary, IDX opens new doors for real estate transactions.

Why is IDX important for real estate agents?

IDX tools can significantly help real estate agents no matter what the size of their business is. All it takes for an agent to benefit from IDX is to have an active website, preferably a WordPress one. Here is what you can get from reliable IDX software:

  • Increasing the number of listings 

An IDX tool gives you access to a larger number of listings in the area you are targeting. This is something you can easily obtain without moving a muscle. Also, a great IDX tool is designed to provide auto-updates for its content. This means any change in the listings should appear on your site instantly.

  • Providing a chance of competition 

A powerful IDX tool can help even a small or beginning real estate agent establish a market presence. You can use these tools to grow and get a fair chance of competing against big players. With IDX listings and decent SEO tactics, your real estate marketing site stands a chance in this competitive profession.

  • Easy browsing 

Efficient IDX tools are easy to use and navigate. This doesn’t only help the user to get a smooth experience, but it helps you as a relator as well. Typically, when a buyer is comfortable using a website, they will stick around.

  • CTA features 

You need visible “call to action” features on your website. A great IDX tool has this feature built-in. This way, your website’s visitors won’t exit the site without being asked to take a specific action. This can be in the form of “sign up today or subscribe today” or any relevant CTA forms. This is an important feature in gathering contact data of prospective clients.

  • Generating leads 

IDX facilities have the possibility of generating more leads. Visitors to your IDX website can be asked to leave contact info in order to receive updates related to their quest. IDX tools can give you an idea of what the users are looking for. This way, you can easily contact them through mail or text messages to notify them about recent offers and openings.

  • Enhancing rankings in search engines 

Integration with IDX tools can boost the real estate agency’s rank on different search engines. Simply because these tools contain loads of information and search engines consider an information-rich site worthy of the top ranks.