Men who love big hats also flaunt flat caps – The various flat cap types to select from

Hats are an integral part of men’s fashion. There was a time when men had to wear hats to belong to a particular order of society. It was a status symbol. Similarly, men who belonged to a specific working class also wore hats of several kinds. 

The big hats have been worn by men across different age groups and cultures. Even today, the new-age men often get keen on the big hats. But that doesn’t mean they will only stick to these hats. The hat makers and manufacturers have come up with a wide range of hat variants for men that they can sport as a part of their formal and casual look. And one of the best hat variants that most men love to flaunt today is the flat cap. 

The flat cap for men

Are you planning to purchase a flat cap for the first time? Or do you have a few in your wardrobe? In both situations, you need to know that there are multiple types of flat caps available. Once you know this, you can search with better knowledge and purchase the one you want with confidence. 

The flat hats or the flat caps comprise a separate hat category. And since there are many categories of this hat, you might as well confuse them. Additionally, some flat caps get given famous names such as the pageboy hat, newsboy hat, paperboy hat, or the newsie. These are the colloquial terms for the hat. If you are not aware of it, you might get confused. 

Some men want to make a collection of a single hat type. So, if you want to take a break from the big hats, you can make your flat cap collection. Are you wondering what hat variants should you add to it? If yes, the following choices can help you:

1. The newsboy cap

This cap is also called the newsie and is also one of the prominent variants of the flat cap. The newsboy cap is trendy. It comes with a full crown and is more bulbous in comparison to the other driving caps. Hence, if you want to make a style statement that is both fun and bold, you can select this hat. Typically, most newsboy hats come with a button accent and are available in cotton and wool. 
2. Driving hat or the driving cap

Today, flat caps also get worn by women. The driving caps are as popular with women as it is with men. The cap usually comes with a very stiff hatband and has a full crown. This hat variant is well known in Paris and makes the wearer look stylish. This hat can make both men and women appear classy and stand out in the crowd.

3. Fisherman cap or the baker boy cap

If you are searching for a flat cap with a low-profile crown, this is the hat to choose. You wouldn’t find the crown of the hat to be bulbous or baggy like the newsie cap. Also, it’s not as soft as the driver cap. The baker boy cap is hard and gets made of wool or felt. Hence, if you want to flaunt a flat cap during the winter months, this is the hat to choose.

 4. The apple cap or the big apple hat

When you look at this hat, you might find a similarity with the newsboy cap. It comes with an 8-panel flat cap and has a broad and more extensive brim. At times, it gets qualified in the big hat category. The hat also has a button accent. 
5. The Irish flat cap

If you have wanted to flaunt a popular flat cap variant, then the Irish flat cap does complete justice. It gets made of tweed and is generally plaid in the pattern. If you want to sport a sharp look, you can count on this hat.

 6. The flat herringbone cap

If you are searching for a stylish flat cap, this is what you must opt-in for. It gets made using patterned herringbone fabric and can complement your modern and upscale outfits. 
7. The Shelby hat

If you have seen Thomas Shelby, you will know this hat variant. The hat gets its name from this character in Peaky Blinders. Today, the Shelby hat is famous overseas and also in America.

 8. The ivy cap

All the ivy caps get sewn by keeping the back forward and are similar to the other flat caps. The cap has an Irish and English element to it. Some people also call it the scally cap. 

These are some of the popular variants of the flat cap that men love to sport. Once you know the different flat cap types, you can choose them according to your outfit and look. Today, reputed online hat makers provide the best flat caps online and can also customize them to your requirements.