LIC Merchant: All you need to know about

LIC of India conducts business across various channels. It has recently introduced merchant registrations. LIC organizations, alongside other entities, can apply for a merchant license. LIC merchant serve in a similar fashion to that of the LIC office executives providing most LIC services to walk-in customers. If you are a registered merchant as a part of the LIC organization, access your account right away, that will give you an idea regarding the LIC policies and more information required.

A highlight of the LIC Merchant and Agent

LIC, with the extensive network of LIC agents and LIC merchants, work on their behalf. The teams of experts assist in registering citizens for insurance. In addition to that, they work with subsequent collection of premiums. LIC agents and merchants charge a commission for policies sold by them.

A highlight on LIC Merchant Quick Login

Buy the insurance policy, and with that, you will become obligated to make payments according to the agreement. The LIC company is responsible for allocating different people to contact and following up on insurance policy payments. LIC merchants serve as the officially authorized persons collecting the payments from the clients. A special website launched by the LIC company for premium collection also assists them in the motive. The LIC merchants must go with handling the special login details, passwords, and usernames. Everything will be available directly from the portal. Also, it gives the scope to check on their client details without calling or visiting them. The website is beneficial as it lists the details about the company, clients, and merchants.

A deeper insight into LIC Merchant Login Process:

  • Open the LIC merchant portal that is
  • On the homepage, select “merchant portal, “which comes with a list on the option “online services.”
  • Click on the login tab.
  • Proceed with the entry of the username and password.
  • Submit the details. Make sure that the login details are correct before you click the submit button.

Idea regarding the LIC Merchant Portal Login Forgot Password Recovery Process

Merchants need to be ready with the login details to access the website. Sometimes, there might be chances that one forgets their password and need to recover. The process to recover it is simple as follows:

  • Go to the LIC merchant website page
  • Select the merchant portal that you will find as a drop-down menu of the online services.
  • Select the login button.
  • Continue >>> click on the “forgot password”
  • Enter the user ID and valid email address.
  • Click the mail new password button. The system will generate a new password to the valid email address.
  • Login to the merchant page using the password.

Final words

Quickly access the LIC merchant portal that works as a separate LIC portal allowing authorized users to log in to the LIC merchant policy web. LIC Merchant Portal Login isn’t a tough task. India’s LIC insurance company has earned immense popularity with many users across the country.