Is Shawn Related to the Stokes Twins? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Who are the Stokes Twins?

The Stokes Twins are Alan and Alex Chen Stokes, American-Chinese twins and Internet celebrities known for their YouTube and TikTok accounts with millions of followers. They began making videos separately and then combined their following into a shared twins account. As of 2022, their YouTube channel is the ninth largest in the world as measured by views per episode.

Who is Shawn?

Shawn is a character played by Tanner Picquelle, an actor and gaming video content creator. He appeared in a July 2021 episode of the Dhar Mann web series entitled, “Twins Get Caught Cheating on Test.” The episode famously featured the Stokes Twins, as well as actress Katherine Norland.

Is Shawn Related to the Stokes Twins?

The short answer is no. Shawn is not related to the Stokes Twins by blood or by adoption. He is simply a co-star who played the role of their brother in a fictional story. The confusion arose because of the resemblance between Shawn and the Stokes Twins, as well as the fact that they all have the same last name in the show. However, this was just a coincidence and not a sign of any real kinship.

Why Do People Think Shawn is Related to the Stokes Twins?

Some people think Shawn is related to the Stokes Twins because of the following reasons:

  • They look alike. Shawn has similar facial features, hair color, and skin tone as the Stokes Twins. Some fans even commented that he looks like a younger version of them.
  • They have the same last name. In the Dhar Mann episode, Shawn’s character is named Shawn Stokes, which is the same as the Stokes Twins’ real last name. This led some viewers to assume that they were playing themselves or their real siblings.
  • They have a good chemistry. Shawn and the Stokes Twins showed a natural rapport and camaraderie in the show, which made their scenes more believable and entertaining. Some fans praised their acting skills and their chemistry as brothers.


Shawn is not related to the Stokes Twins in real life. He is an actor who played their brother in a web series. The rumors about their relation are based on their physical resemblance, their last name, and their chemistry on screen. However, these are not enough to prove any biological or legal connection between them. Shawn and the Stokes Twins are just friends and colleagues who worked together on a project.