Is Sabrina Carpenter Related to The Carpenters? The Truth Behind the Musical Surname

Sabrina Carpenter is a popular singer and actress who has starred in several Disney shows and movies, as well as released five studio albums. She is known for her catchy pop songs and her versatile acting skills. But is she related to another famous musical duo that shares her last name? The Carpenters were a brother-sister act that dominated the charts in the 1970s with their soft rock and easy listening hits. Many fans have wondered if Sabrina Carpenter is somehow connected to The Carpenters, either by blood or by music. In this article, we will reveal the truth behind the musical surname and explore the similarities and differences between Sabrina Carpenter and The Carpenters.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Family Background

Sabrina Carpenter was born on May 11, 1999, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, to David and Elizabeth Carpenter. She has three older sisters: Sarah, Shannon, and Cayla. Cayla is her half-sister from her father’s previous marriage. Sabrina was homeschooled and began posting videos of herself singing on YouTube at the age of 10. Her father built a recording studio for her to pursue her passion for music. She also started acting and landed her first role in 2011 on the NBC drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She later signed with Hollywood Records and released her debut single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” in 2014. She rose to fame for her leading role in the Disney Channel comedy series Girl Meets World (2014–2017) and the Disney Channel Original Movie Adventures in Babysitting (2016). She has since starred in several feature films and Netflix movies, as well as released four more albums under Hollywood Records and Island Records. Her latest album, Emails I Can’t Send, came out in 2022 and spawned the viral single “Nonsense”.

Sabrina Carpenter is not related to The Carpenters musically or genetically. The surname is coincidental, and there is no familial connection between Sabrina Carpenter and the members of the iconic music duo. According to Wikipedia, Sabrina Carpenter’s aunt is Nancy Cartwright, the voice actress who voices Bart Simpson on The Simpsons. However, she has no relation to John Carpenter, the director of Halloween, or to Richard Carpenter, the composer and producer of The Carpenters. Sabrina Carpenter has stated in interviews that she is a fan of The Carpenters’ music, but she does not consider them as an influence on her own style.

The Carpenters’ Legacy and Influence

The Carpenters were an American musical duo consisting of siblings Richard and Karen Carpenter. They were active from 1969 to 1983 and sold over 100 million records worldwide. They are considered one of the best-selling music artists of all time and have won three Grammy Awards and numerous other accolades. They are known for their distinctive sound that blended pop, soft rock, easy listening, and adult contemporary genres. Some of their most famous songs include “(They Long to Be) Close to You”, “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Rainy Days and Mondays”, “Superstar”, “Top of the World”, “Please Mr. Postman”, and “Yesterday Once More”. They also recorded several Christmas albums and specials that are still popular today.

The Carpenters have influenced many artists across different genres and generations, such as Shania Twain, Madonna, Sonic Youth, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish. According to Nijitrend, The Carpenters are also widely admired and respected in Japan, where they have a large fan base and have inspired many Japanese musicians. Their music has been covered, sampled, and referenced by countless artists and has been featured in various movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games. The Carpenters have left a lasting legacy and impact on the music industry and culture.


Sabrina Carpenter and The Carpenters may share a common surname, but they are not related in any way. Sabrina Carpenter is a talented singer and actress who has carved her own niche in the entertainment world. The Carpenters were a legendary musical duo who created some of the most memorable and timeless songs in history. Both Sabrina Carpenter and The Carpenters have their own unique styles and achievements, and they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated for their contributions to music and art.