Is Pickle Related to Troy Landry? The Truth Behind Their Swamp People Bond


If you are a fan of History Channel’s ‘Swamp People’, you might be wondering about the relationship between two of its popular cast members: Pickle and Troy Landry. Pickle, whose real name is Cheyenne Wheat, is a skilled alligator hunter who joined the show in season 12. Troy Landry is a veteran gator hunter and one of the main stars of the show. The two have a close bond and often hunt together, but are they related by blood? The answer is no, but there is more to their story than meets the eye.

Pickle’s Background and Journey on Swamp People

Pickle comes from a long line of gator hunters who have been living in Louisiana’s swamp region for generations. Her great grandfather was an original hunter in the St. Bernard Parish area, and the tradition has been passed down to her father and then to her. Pickle loved accompanying her dad on hunting trips from a young age and learned the ropes of the trade. She also developed a talent for making turkey and duck calls, which are useful for luring the gators.

Pickle made her debut on ‘Swamp People’ in season 12, where she impressed the viewers with her tenacity, determination, and skill. She soon became a fan-favorite and a valuable member of the gator hunting community. She also achieved several milestones on the show, such as catching her first gator, tagging along with Troy Landry, and hunting in the dangerous Lake Verret.

Pickle’s Connection to Troy Landry

Pickle is not related to Troy Landry by blood, but she does have a connection to him through his son, Chase Landry. According to several sources, Pickle and Chase were dating when season 12 was filmed, although her Facebook profile currently says “single”. The two reportedly met through their mutual passion for wildlife and adventure, and shared a strong chemistry. However, they kept their relationship mostly private and rarely appeared together on the show.

Chase Landry is also a gator hunter who has been featured on ‘Swamp People’ since season 2. He is the youngest son of Troy Landry and his wife, Bernita Landry. He has two older brothers, Jacob and Brandon, who are also gator hunters. Chase was previously married to Chelsea Kinsey, with whom he has a daughter named Riley Blake, born in 2017. Troy Landry announced the news of his granddaughter’s birth on social media, but did not reveal the identity of her mother.

Even though Pickle and Chase seem to have parted ways, Pickle and Troy still have a strong bond and a good friendship. The two often hunt together and share a mutual respect and admiration. Pickle also posts about Troy on her social media accounts, showing her gratitude and affection for him. Troy, in turn, treats Pickle like a daughter and praises her for her achievements and skills.


Pickle and Troy Landry are not related by blood, but they have a close bond that goes beyond hunting. They are connected through Chase Landry, who was Pickle’s boyfriend for a while. The two have remained friends even after their breakup, and continue to hunt together on ‘Swamp People’. They are both passionate, talented, and brave gator hunters who have earned the respect and love of the fans and the community.