Is Peso Pluma Related to Valentin Elizalde? The Truth Behind the Viral Rumor

Peso Pluma is a 24-year-old Mexican singer who has gained popularity on TikTok and Spotify for his unique style of singing corridos, a genre of Mexican folk music. His voice and appearance have drawn comparisons to Valentin Elizalde, a legendary Mexican singer who was assassinated in 2006 by a drug cartel. But is Peso Pluma really related to Valentin Elizalde, or is it just a coincidence? Here is what we know.

The Similarities Between Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde

One of the main reasons why fans have speculated that Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde might be related is their similar voice and way of singing. Both singers have a distinctive tone and a high-pitched vocal range that makes them stand out from other corrido singers. They also share a passion for the genre, which is known for telling stories of love, violence, and social issues.

Another reason why fans have linked Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde is their physical resemblance. Some fans have pointed out that they have similar facial features, such as the shape of their nose, eyes, and mouth. They also have a similar hairstyle and beard, and often wear hats and sunglasses. Some fans have even claimed that they look like twins or father and son.

The Rumors About Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde

The rumors about Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde’s relationship started to circulate on social media, especially on TikTok, where Peso Pluma has over 10 million followers. Some TikTok users have posted videos comparing their photos and videos, and suggesting that they might be related by blood. Some have even gone as far as saying that Peso Pluma is the reincarnation of Valentin Elizalde, or that he is his secret son.

The rumors have also been fueled by a controversial TikTok video that claimed that Peso Pluma is the son of former Mexican actress Adela Noriega and former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The video showed an old photo of the actress and the president with a toddler, who was alleged to be Peso Pluma. The video went viral and sparked a lot of reactions and debates among the fans.

The Truth About Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde

Despite the numerous similarities and rumors, the truth is that Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde are not related. Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, was born in Jalisco, Mexico, in 1999. Valentin Elizalde, whose full name was Valentin Elizalde Valencia, was born in Sonora, Mexico, in 1979. They have different parents and family backgrounds, and there is no evidence that they are related by blood.

Peso Pluma has also denied the rumors and clarified his relationship with Valentin Elizalde in several interviews. He has said that he is not the son or the reincarnation of Valentin Elizalde, and that he does not know Adela Noriega or Carlos Salinas de Gortari. He has also said that he respects and admires Valentin Elizalde as one of his musical influences, but that he does not try to imitate him or copy his style. He has said that he has his own identity and personality, and that he wants to be recognized for his own talent and music.

The Conclusion

Peso Pluma and Valentin Elizalde are two Mexican singers who have a lot of similarities, but they are not related. They are both talented and successful in their own way, and they have a lot of fans who love and support them. However, they also have a lot of differences, and they have their own stories and paths. The rumors about their relationship are just that: rumors. They are not based on facts or evidence, but on speculation and coincidence. Therefore, we should not believe everything we see or hear on social media, and we should respect the privacy and the legacy of both singers.