Is Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb related? The truth behind the NFL stars’ family connection


Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are two of the most talented and dominant players in the NFL today. Nick is a powerhouse running back for the Cleveland Browns, while Bradley is a dynamic pass rusher for the Denver Broncos. But do they share more than just a common profession and a similar surname? Are they related by blood or just by coincidence?

The Chubb cousins

The answer is yes, Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are related. They are cousins, connected through an aunt. However, they did not grow up together or even meet each other until 2013, when they were both making waves in high school football in Georgia. Nick was born in Cedartown, a small town near Chubbtown, a historic settlement founded by their ancestors in the mid-1800s. Bradley was born in Powder Springs, about an hour away from Nick’s hometown.

According to Sporting News, Nick’s parents are Henry and Lavelle Chubb, while Bradley’s parents are Aaron and Stacey Chubb. Aaron Chubb is a former linebacker who played at Georgia and was drafted by the Patriots in 1989. He is also the brother of Brandon Chubb, another former linebacker who played at Wake Forest and spent time with several NFL teams.

The Chubb legacy

Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are not the only ones in their family who have made a name for themselves in football. Their family’s history in Georgia dates back to the mid-1800s, when their ancestors settled in the region and founded Chubbtown, a self-sustaining and independent community of free African Americans. Nick Chubb says his ancestors were not slaves, but rather landowners and entrepreneurs who thrived in agriculture, education, and commerce.

According to MSN, Chubbtown was untouched by the Civil War, as the generals respected the Chubbs’ autonomy and hard work. The town is now a part of the National Register of Historic Places and a source of pride and inspiration for the Chubb family.

The Chubb stars

Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb both followed their passion for football and excelled at their respective positions. They both played college football in the ACC, Nick at Georgia and Bradley at NC State. They both entered the NFL in 2018, Bradley as the fifth overall pick by the Broncos and Nick as the 35th overall pick by the Browns. They both have earned Pro Bowl honors and have established themselves as elite players in the league.

According to Sportskeeda,Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb have faced each other three times in the NFL so far, and Bradley even recorded his first career tackle on his cousin Nick. They both have expressed admiration and respect for each other, as well as a friendly rivalry. They both also share a common goal of winning a Super Bowl and making their family proud.


Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb are two of the best players in the NFL today, but they are also two of the best examples of family, legacy, and excellence. They are related by blood, but also by passion, determination, and achievement. They are the Chubb cousins, and they are the Chubb stars.