Is Lori Petty Related to Richard Petty? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Many people have wondered if the actress Lori Petty, known for her roles in Point Break, A League of Their Own, and Orange Is the New Black, is related to the legendary NASCAR driver Richard Petty, nicknamed “The King”. The rumor has been circulating for years, but is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

Who is Lori Petty?

Lori Petty is an American actress, director, and screenwriter, who was born on October 14, 1963, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has two siblings and she is the daughter of a Pentecostal minister. Lori is of American nationality

She started her acting career in 1984, and got her break starring with Richard Grieco in Fox’s Booker. She made her film debut as Robin Williams’s wannabe fashion designer girlfriend in Cadillac Man. She gained fame for playing the surfer who taught Keanu Reeves how to surf in the action thriller Point Break, and the baseball player Kit Keller in A League of Their Own, opposite Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Madonna. She also played the title role in the cult comic book adaptation Tank Girl, and voiced the supervillain Livewire in Superman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures

She made her directorial debut with The Poker House, a film dramatizing her own difficult childhood, which won awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival. She also narrated the first three books of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. She joined the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black as Lolly Whitehill, a recurring character in the second, third, fourth, and seventh seasons. In 2021, she starred in Station Eleven on HBO

Who is Richard Petty?

Richard Petty is an American former NASCAR driver, who was born on July 2, 1937, in Level Cross, North Carolina. He is the son of Lee Petty, a NASCAR pioneer and champion, and the father of Kyle Petty, another NASCAR driver. Richard is of English ancestry

He started his racing career in 1958, and became one of the most successful and popular drivers in NASCAR history. He won a record 200 races, including seven Daytona 500s, and seven NASCAR championships, tying with Dale Earnhardt for the most titles. He is widely regarded as “The King” of NASCAR, and was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2010. He retired from driving in 1992, and became a team owner and a motorsports commentator. He is also known for his philanthropic work and his involvement in politics

Are They Related?

The short answer is no, Lori Petty and Richard Petty are not related. They share a common surname, but they have different origins, backgrounds, and family trees. They have never met or interacted with each other, and they have no connection whatsoever

The rumor that they are related might have started because of their similar names, or because of their contrasting careers and personalities. Lori is a rebellious and unconventional actress, while Richard is a conservative and traditional racer. Some people might have found it amusing or intriguing to imagine that they are cousins or distant relatives, but the reality is that they are not


Lori Petty and Richard Petty are two famous and talented individuals, who have achieved success and recognition in their respective fields. However, they are not related in any way, shape, or form. They are simply two strangers who happen to have the same last name. The rumor that they are related is false and baseless, and should be put to rest once and for all