Is John Boyega Related to Denzel Washington? Unraveling the Mystery of Their Resemblance


John Boyega and Denzel Washington are two of the most popular and acclaimed actors in Hollywood. They have both starred in blockbuster movies and won prestigious awards for their performances. But there is something else that connects them: their striking physical resemblance. Many fans and observers have noticed how similar they look, especially in certain angles and expressions. Some have even wondered if they are related by blood or ancestry. So, is John Boyega related to Denzel Washington? Let’s find out.

The Truth About Their Relationship

According to the web search results, the answer is no. John Boyega and Denzel Washington are not related in any way. They do not share any common ancestors, relatives, or family ties. They are simply two actors who happen to look alike.

John Boyega confirmed this in an interview with Yahoo, where he said that he barely knows Denzel Washington and has only met him once. He also revealed that he was not aware of their resemblance until he saw a photo of them side by side on social media. He said that he was flattered by the comparison, but also felt the pressure of living up to Denzel’s legacy.

Denzel Washington has not publicly commented on their resemblance or relationship, but he has praised John Boyega’s work in the past. He said that he was impressed by his performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that he was happy to see a young black actor succeed in Hollywood.

The Possible Reasons for Their Resemblance

So, if John Boyega and Denzel Washington are not related, why do they look so much alike? There could be several possible reasons for their resemblance, such as:

  • Genetics: They could have inherited similar facial features from their distant ancestors, who may have originated from the same region or ethnic group. According to ABTC, John Boyega is a British Nigerian, while Denzel Washington is an American with African, English, and Native American ancestry. Both of them have African roots, which could explain some of their physical traits.
  • Environment: They could have been exposed to similar environmental factors that influenced their appearance, such as diet, lifestyle, climate, or culture. For example, both of them have lived in Western countries for most of their lives, which could have affected their skin tone, hair texture, or facial expressions.
  • Coincidence: They could have just randomly developed similar appearance by chance, without any specific reason or explanation. Sometimes, nature produces similar patterns or shapes without any intention or purpose. For instance, there are many cases of unrelated people who look like twins or doppelgangers.


John Boyega and Denzel Washington are two talented and successful actors who share a remarkable resemblance. However, they are not related by blood or ancestry. They are simply two individuals who happen to look alike for various possible reasons. Their resemblance is a source of curiosity and admiration for many fans and observers, but it does not define their identity or career. They are both unique and original in their own ways.