Is Jake Herak related to Rich Lewis? The truth about the Mountain Men stars

Jake Herak and Rich Lewis are two of the most popular cast members of the reality TV show Mountain Men, which follows the lives of people who live off the grid in remote and rugged locations across the US. The show, which airs on The History Channel, has been running for 11 seasons and has attracted a loyal fan base.

Many fans of the show have wondered if Jake Herak and Rich Lewis are related, as they share some physical resemblance and both live in Montana. However, the answer is no, they are not related. They are not even from the same region of Montana, as Jake lives in the Cabinet Mountains and Rich lives in the Ruby Valley.

Who is Jake Herak?

Jake Herak is a young and adventurous man who loves the outdoors and hunting. He joined the cast of Mountain Men in season 7, replacing Rich Lewis, who left the show after season 6. Jake is a hound hunter, which means he uses trained dogs to track and chase down mountain lions, bears, and other predators. He also traps beavers and other fur-bearing animals for income.

Jake is not afraid of danger and often puts himself in risky situations to protect his dogs and his land. He has faced many challenges and close calls on the show, such as being attacked by a bear, falling into a frozen river, and getting lost in a snowstorm. He is also very passionate about conservation and preserving the wildlife and the environment.

Who is Rich Lewis?

Rich Lewis is a veteran mountain man who has been living in the Ruby Valley for over 30 years. He is a mountain lion hunter, who uses a bow and arrow to hunt down the elusive and powerful cats. He also hunts elk, deer, and other game for food and fur.

Rich is a respected and admired figure in his community, as he helps his neighbors and friends with various tasks and problems. He is also very knowledgeable and skilled in survival and wilderness living. He left the show after season 6, saying that he was getting too old for the job and that he wanted to spend more time with his wife, Diane, and his horses.


Jake Herak and Rich Lewis are not related, but they are both mountain men who have a lot in common. They both love hunting, nature, and living off the grid. They both have appeared on the show Mountain Men and have gained many fans and followers. They both have their own unique stories and personalities that make them interesting and inspiring to watch.