Is Bryshere Gray Related to Jay Z? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Who is Bryshere Gray?

Bryshere Gray is an American actor and rapper, best known for his role as Hakeem Lyon on the Fox musical drama series Empire. He is also known by the stage name Yazz the Greatest or simply Yazz. He was born on November 28, 1993, in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began his musical career as a street performer and later opened for rappers such as Fabolous and 2 Chainz. He also performed at various music festivals, including Jay Z’s Made in America Festival

The DNA Test Hoax

In 2015, a website called Celebtricity published an article claiming that a DNA test confirmed that Bryshere Gray was the biological son of rap mogul Jay Z. The article said that Gray’s mother, Shannon Bryshere, was one of Jay Z’s former lovers when he sold drugs to support his musical career. The article also quoted Jay Z as saying that he was proud of his son and might sign him to his record label, Roc Nation

However, the article was completely false and intended as satire. Celebtricity is a notorious entertainment website that uses a combination of real and fake news to create shocking headlines. The website even has a disclaimer that says: “ is the most notorious entertainment website in the world with the most shocking headlines to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.”

The website Snopes, which fact-checks online rumors, debunked the article and rated it as false. Snopes pointed out that there was no DNA test, no confirmation from Jay Z, and no credible news outlet that reported the story. Snopes also noted that the story about Jay Z’s affair with Shannon Bryshere and her taking the fall for his drug charge was apocryphal

The Family Connection

Despite the fake news, some people still wonder if there is any family connection between Bryshere Gray and Jay Z. The answer is no, there is no biological or legal relationship between them. They are not father and son, nor are they related by blood or marriage. They are simply two artists who share some similarities in their backgrounds, styles, and careers.

However, that does not mean that they have no connection at all. They have met and worked together on several occasions. Gray has expressed his admiration and respect for Jay Z as a mentor and an inspiration. He has also said that he learned a lot from him and that he considers him as a big brother

Jay Z, on the other hand, has also shown his support and appreciation for Gray. He has praised his talent and performance on Empire and has invited him to perform at his music festival. He has also given him advice and guidance on how to navigate the music industry and handle fame and success


To sum up, the rumor that Bryshere Gray is related to Jay Z is false and based on a satirical article. There is no evidence or confirmation that they are father and son, or that they have any biological or legal ties. However, they do have a professional and personal connection, as they have collaborated and communicated on several occasions. They also have mutual respect and admiration for each other, as they are both successful and influential artists in the hip-hop and entertainment world