How to Select Skirting Boards According To Your Interior?

Skirting boards come in so many options and designs to pick from. Some popular ones are softwood skirting boards, hardwood skirting boards, MDF, pencil boards, plastic boards etc. However, seeing all these options and designs, it becomes difficult for a homeowner to pick a perfect one according to their place. 

Therefore, to help you figure out what type of skirting board your house needs. Here is a guide explaining how different skirting will look on different interior styles and which one will match your house. It will make selecting easy, and you will be confident about your chosen design.

Bigger is better with Hamptons

If you have a traditional Hampton space, then high and thick skirting boards are the most selected option. It comes along with a rounded profile picture. It not only makes your walls look big but makes the look stand out.

 Besides this, it helps to elaborate wall designs and blends the skirting. However, whether you opt for a modern or coastal place on Hampton’s skirting, it will still have a tall length with a simple design. It is entirely true that the bigger skirting you pick, the better it will look.

More is more with French styles

If your house is more of a classical and symmetrical design, then the French style will adore your home. It will not just add drama to your place but enhance the walls of your house. Moreover, striking boards are the critical element that pops out the decorating and ornate used in French-style homes.

 However, molding is used in all parts of the house while contrasting. The best skirting option available for French-style modern homes is the bull nose. They compliment your house and provide it with a minimalistic and classy look.

More of everything with Victorian

Fully decorated skirting boards widely complement a detailed dado rail, wall paneling, and stairs. The only mantra of Victorian-styled houses is more of everything. That means these houses use precisely chosen interiors and give your house a royal look.

 In that case, a skirting board is fully decorated to balance out everything and provide elegance to your place. It will help you achieve a beautiful and stylish house. Doing a minor upgrade can transform the whole look of the house. 

Country curves with colonial 

Colonial styling is quite similar to Victorian styling, but it is a bit for relaxing and provides your house a country vibes. The best colonial skirting board options are tongue and ogee with a curve at the top followed by a v joint. As time has passed, colonial-style skirting boards have become more styling pieces with some decorative elements. 

They also started featuring in square blocks. These boards have become more ornate and curved. It perfectly blends with the walls and interiors of your house. If you have some pastel walls in your place, these styles make them stand out. 

These give your house a more elegant and stylish look and add positive and energetic vibes to your place. You must be confused about how a skirting board can make a huge difference? Well, it does. A minor update also brings some drastic changes in your house 

Simple with a touch of the curve with Edwardian 

As the time passed, people went more into sleek and small skirting boards rather than a bigger and decorated ones. Due to this, large curves in skirting were decreasing rapidly, and more and more houses were using tongue designs to replicate the idea of modernization and classiness. 

The molding used becomes small and small as per the demand of the people. This has increased the popularity of lamb tongue skirting boards due to its new style, range, affordability, and the simple touch it provides to your place. These boards use just slight curves that ideally get blended with your interiors.

Keep it balanced with Georgian

Georgian-style homes are usually formal and optimal and showcase fine details and straight lines in the house. For that style, you will need a symmetrical and straightforward skirting board that does not overpower the house but gives it a simple, elegant, and light touch. 

These houses usually include marbles, stones, columns, and classical figure-inspired architecture to make the house look classy and vibrant. In that case, you cannot opt for a board that does not provide a neoclassical look. 

It should highlight your home with the best and grab people’s attention. You need to pick the board that balances out every part of your house, from interiors to walls to curtains to floor.

Keep it simple with modernism 

Often, you will see modern homes opt for minimal things in their houses. Similar to that, a shadow line skirting with hard lines and a smaller profile is the best option to pick. It will make your house look simple yet stylish. You can also choose a high but thin skirting board with a minimal design on it. 

You do not need to get scared about experimenting with the sizes. Sometimes long and thin boards give your house more elegance than a smaller, flat board. As long as your keep the design simple, you cannot go wrong with what you have picked, either small or high. 

Rules of choosing a skirting board

If you want to choose a perfect skirting board for your house, you should know how to measure skirting to get a perfect cutout.


Choosing a skirting depends upon the ceiling height. For instance, if the-

  • Ceiling height is up to 2.4 meters then the complimentary skirting sizes will be 90 to 135 mm. 
  • The ceiling height is up to 2.7 meters then the skirting size will be around 115 to 185 mm.
  • The ceiling height is 3.0 meters the size of the skirting will be 135 to 230 mm. 
  • The ceiling height is 3.6 meters the skirting size will be 185 mm +.

Door height

The door height is matched with the architrave width. For instance, if the-

  • The door height is 2.04 meters then the architrave width should be 60 to 90 mm.
  • The door height is 2.34 meters the architrave width should be 90 to 115 mm.
  • The door height is 2.70 meters then the architrave width will be 115mm+.

These are the two rules you should use to pick the correct size skirting board for your house. Now, you can easily measure the size of your skirting and find the right one according to your home styling.