How to Make Money on Instagram: Why You Haven’t Made It Yet?

Acquire customers on Instagram? Virtually every active online entrepreneur dream about it. However, Instagram is not only a free promotion platform that (if you know the rules of the game well) will allow you to build a community of followers of potential customers. However, Instagram is first and foremost a way to build a real relationship with your followers, a way to build a community, and then a source of your income.

Ok, you are probably thinking now; I run an account on Instagram, I put a lot of time and energy into it, and I did not even earn the proverbial zloty or a euro on it …you know that people check your followers first for trust if you want to earn then you need to increase your followers here, we talk about how to buy Instagram followers Australia… But do your followers feel like you are at a nice meeting with a good friend / friend? Do you let them see who you really are, get to know your personality? Or maybe your account is rather a collection of random tiles that do not form a logical whole, a true story?

If this is the case, something is wrong. I have a few questions for you.

Do your followers know who you are and what you look like?

If it was a long time ago, it’s time to show a little bit of yourself. Think if you could trust a person, you don’t know and don’t know what he looks like? If you show your face people will feel that they really know you. You probably think that you don’t have photos of a gorgeous look at you yet, or the body of the model, the six-pack, which we generally see on beautifully maintained pikdo Instagram accounts, and who would even want to see you? I guarantee you that I don’t have a beautiful Instagram life myself, but most of my posts are a photo with my face. And these posts are the most popular among my Instagram community, generating the most likes, reactions and messages.

Are you hiding for your work?

Is your desk, your product or service you? Certainly, to some extent, but that’s not what I mean. Show your followers a person who creates what you offer them. It can be the process of creating your product, your successes, behind the scenes, a new project. Knowing you will attract like a magnet those who are similar to you, share the same values. Thanks to this, you will connect your followers with each other and build a real relationship with them.

So if your Instagram tiles are a series of promotional posts, discounts, invitations to a course or event, your follower will quickly get tired of it and run away. And worst of all, he won’t miss you.

Do you give your followers a reason why they should choose you over the competition?

Take a critical look at your account. Is there more of you, about you and for you than there is for others? If you do not offer your followers valuable content with which they can identify, thanks to which they solve their problems, then you do not give them a reason to stay with you and love you. Give your followers a positive value! Inspire, answer questions, share knowledge and interesting as we share knowledge socially gois a very big platform and you can gain more informative things. If you don’t, your followers might as well go to the competition. And they wouldn’t notice the difference. Work on establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

Do you treat your followers as exceptional people?

How often do you think of your followers as 100, 1,000, 100,000 … instead of thinking of them as real, special people who take their valuable time watching you? How often do you have a dialogue with them – reacting to their comments on posts, replying to their messages (DM’s)? If you don’t, your followers will feel ignored. In my work, I observe many people who run away from the application after posting a photo on Instagram. And yet a conversation is the first step to selling. Take it!

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