How to Choose a Chandelier?

Apart from the styling of the chandelier, the first and foremost thing is how to choose an appropriate chandelier. There are three main factors for selecting a chandelier such as size or scale, the direction of light output, and control. Having something too small or big can really give a bad look to your space. Just imagine a chandelier of 5 feet hanging on your 10 feet big hall won’t it look clumsy and strange? 

Similarly, if your room is too big and you place a chandelier that is small in size, it will make your room look dwarfed. If you have any doubt or you are confused, then it’s better to go for the large size chandeliers as they are accounted as statement pieces. You must be wondering if the chandeliers near me are suitable for my space? Here are some points which will ease up your selection work.

The method of selection

By using the thumb rule method, you can size your chandelier to be the focal point of your room; it might be above the table or counter. All you need to do is measure the length and width of the room in feet and add those numbers together and then sum up those numbers, and that should be the diameter of your chandelier in inches.  

The lighting selection 

Do you want to ensure the light coming out of the fixture isn’t blazing? There is nothing worse than sitting at a dining table with the blazing of a bright bulb coming at your face. You will get confused about what direction is the light going? Are the bulbs even concealed, or are they exposed? If the bulbs are exposed, then you should consider adding a dimmer switch to your chandelier to control the output of the light. It’s better to use a led chandelier.

How big is a chandelier suitable for the dining space?

Chandeliers are measured by their diameter and height. The number of bulbs may also affect the size. According to the recommendation, a chandelier’s diameter must be 1/2 the width of the dining table. Today’s dining room chandelier is a four to six-light, 26-30″ diameter fixture.

If you are more confused, then you must try out the chandelier size guide to construct your chandelier size, which is based on the size of the dining table and the height of your ceiling. There are many options for both square and round tables to size a dining room chandelier.

How much brightness is required for the whole room?You must be wondering, are those chandeliers in Bangalore ? Is it worth it? Chandeliers are decorative fixtures that are made to enhance the style and ambience, so do not expect the chandelier to be your room’s main light source. In your life, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit with a chandelier, by placing a single fixture in the middle of the room and expecting it to light that room entirely is a recipe for bad lighting. This is compounded if the led chandelier bulbs are exposed.