How Much does an AWS Consultant Charge on Hourly Basis?

Amazon Web Service (AWS) has recently evolved itself into an amazing IT skill which has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time. The offerings from AWS have made the complex business processes very simple and easy to manage. This has raised the demand of AWS consultants and even developers are also training themselves well with the thorough knowledge of AWS and getting hands-on experience of how they can be beneficial to their clients. AWS is dominating the market of cloud computing in today’s era. Many companies tend to hire aws developers as they have good knowledge of different aspects of cloud computing.

As the demand of AWS consultants is increasing day by day and so is their rates and charges. Nowadays, the pricing of the AWS consultants has become one of the important factors to be analyzed while the company Hire Full Time Developers. And not just full-time consultants but the demand of AWS consulting freelancer is also at boom. So, it is important for anyone to understand what are the factors which decide the worth of the consultant and whether your business allows for this investment or not.


AWS consultants refers to those professionals who are expert in implementing the AWS services in the organization and ensures that this process is completed smoothly. They have in-depth knowledge of cloud-computing and use this experience of theirs in following the best practices for deploying the cloud services in an organization. Companies, thus, like to hire a developer who specializes in this field.

The AWS consultants design, develop, test various infrastructure of IT for their suitability as per AWS and do the cloud migration as per the requirement. Thus, they look into the successful implementation of the AWS consulting practice in the particular firm. There are many segments in Cloud computing which like developing, designing, networking, architecting and many more, which is well understood by the AWS consultants only and so companies tend to hire AWS experts.


Hiring, in itself, is a very tedious job and when it is about hiring a specific field person then the whole process becomes trickier. The recruiter here has to pay attention to all the technical details while hiring an AWS consultant, and needs to check if he possesses all the required skills or not. The scrutinizing process is also important because here the consultants are not necessarily going to work within the office premise, there are chances that they work from remote locations only. Thus, the hiring manager needs to be quite attentive during this whole process.

Below mentioned are some of the important skills which a perfect AWS consultants should definitely possess; they are described as under:

  1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related field.
  2. Should have at least minimum experience in the IT field.
  3. A valid AWS certification is must as an AWS consultant and that too if it is domain related certification, then it is more preferable.
  4. The candidate should also have valid experience of 3-5 years as an AWS consultant.
  5. The certification should be on the basis of domain only.
  6. Should have good hold in different programming languages and technologies like Python, Jenkins, Java, C #, Ruby, OpenShift, Docker, Containers.
  7. The candidate should also be expert in CI and CD which stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  8. Should have firsthand experience on the AWS infrastructure so that in case if any hardware issues come across then the consultant is liable to offer help in such situation.
  9. Candidates should be able to describe and write proficient scripts for EC2 cases, autoscaling policies and Load Balancer.
  10. Candidate should be able to design the intense AWS network with core and thorough knowledge of CDN, HTTP, VPN, DNS, TCP/IP.
  11. The candidate should also be well versed with the fundamentals of the data storage in AWS like of Hadoop Cluster and S3.

The above factors sets the benchmark of the pricing of the AWS consultants. One of the prime factors of pricing of the consultants is their AWS certification which decides their pricing per hour. Similarly, in this reference the experience and different level of certification which is possessed by the consultants long with the number of years of experience they hold, plays an important role in determining the price of hiring the AWS consultant.


Despite of having knowledge of AWS, the number of experiences one have in this segment plays an important role in determining the hourly rate of the consultant. It is distinguished in below categories depending on the number of years of experience:

  1. Base level or Entry level AWS consultant

It refers to the initial level which requires bare minimum knowledge of AWS and charges $30 to $ 50 per hour. And that too different countries have different rates, like in India it is $30 but same one hour in USA will be $ 50.

  • Professional or Experienced AWS consultant

Here the consultants are bit experienced in this field and thus demands higher rates which is around $90- $200 for an hour. Even here, it differs from country to country and also depends on how the professional is being hired and their contract specifications.

  • On-demand AWS consultant

It refers to hiring the AWS consultant for certain period or days of requirement be it in certain duration. Here the consultants are hired as per the number of durations in a day or as per the finishing of the project.  Also, if the consultant is hired directly then their rate will be lower in comparison to if they are hired through some dedicated agency.

This is one of the costliest modes of hiring the consultant and can cost up to around $200- $250 per hour.

  • AWS consultant with different expertise

If one hires a person who is not just an expert as AWS consultant but also possess some other skills, then he will definitely charge way higher than the regular AWS consultants as they are master of more than one field.

Thus, if we consider all the above factors for hiring the AWS consultant then at an average, one have to pay around $70-$80 per hour to take the advantage of this skillsets.


Above we have seen various factors which determines the cost of hiring the AWS consultant, then we came across that how the number of experience and expertise in this field effects the cost of the AWS consultant, now, below mentioned are some points which one should keep in mind while determining the best rate for hiring the AWS consultant,

  1. Hiring only from nominated consulting firm

It is always a wise decision to hire an AWS consultant from those consulting firms which are known and already nominated as this decreases the chances of failure. Also, one will be able to large number of alternatives as per the requirement of the business.

  • Reliable online platform

There are several online platforms which gives details about the full time or freelancing AWS consultants who are ready to work like one can find several options on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer and many more. But few of the websites are very reliable and gives genuine details about the consultants so one should always opt for them only. Here, they also have an option to peek into the past work of the consultants and if they found it satisfactory as per the market demand then they can easily hire them as per the mutual agreement between both the parties.

  • Flexible and adaptable

As the cloud computing services always keeps on interfacing the changes rapidly, so it is must for the AWS consultants also they are quite flexible and adaptable to the ever-happening changes in the cloud modules and then modify the implementation of the cloud services on the organization accordingly.

  • Use trusted mode of payment

Now, once the job is done, the expert should be paid for their job only through trusted channels as it will increase their reliability on the hiring companies. PayPal can be considered as one of the best payment gateways if someone is hiring for the global consultant. Net Banking is also another mode for safe payment where you always have an option to submit the payment proof to the clients.


The above points clearly states the importance of AWS consultants in today’s era and also how they have become an important tool of the overall business. Thus, it is very crucial to make a perfect selection of the AWS consultant which helps them to reap benefits in a longer duration and ultimately increases the productivity of the company. In this age of competition, selecting perfect AWS consultant is an important step which can pave the way of company’s growth and success. Thus, the owner of the business should invest very wisely while hiring the AWS consultants.

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