How is Michael Myers Related to Laurie Strode? The Shocking Truth Behind the Halloween Franchise


The Halloween franchise is one of the most iconic and influential horror series of all time, featuring the masked killer Michael Myers and his relentless pursuit of his sister Laurie Strode. But how is Michael Myers related to Laurie Strode, and why is he so obsessed with her? This article will explore the origin and evolution of their relationship, as well as the different continuities and timelines that have shaped their story over the years.

The Original Continuity: Siblings Separated by Tragedy

In the original 1978 Halloween movie, it is revealed that Laurie Strode is actually Michael Myers’ younger sister. This revelation comes as a shock to both Laurie and audiences alike. The siblings were separated at a young age after their parents died in a car crash in 1965, just five years after Michael killed his sister Judith Myers. Laurie was put up for adoption by the Strode family, and records about her biological family were sealed to protect her privacy. Michael, on the other hand, was institutionalized at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where he remained silent and emotionless for 15 years.

On Halloween night in 1978, Michael escaped from the sanitarium and returned to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, where he began stalking and killing teenagers. He was drawn to Laurie, who unknowingly dropped a key at his childhood home while delivering it to her father, a realtor. Michael became fixated on Laurie, seeing her as a replacement for Judith, and attempted to kill her and her friends. Laurie managed to survive and fight back, with the help of Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael’s psychiatrist, who had followed him to Haddonfield. Michael was shot six times by Loomis, but disappeared from the scene, leaving his fate unknown.

The sequel, Halloween II, picks up right where the first film left off, and follows Laurie as she is taken to a hospital, where Michael continues to hunt her down. It is also revealed that Laurie had visited Michael at the sanitarium when she was a child, but had repressed the memory of her brother. Loomis discovers the truth about their relationship, and tries to warn the authorities, but is met with disbelief and resistance. Michael eventually finds Laurie, and they have a final confrontation, in which Laurie shoots him in the eyes, blinding him. Loomis then sacrifices himself by igniting a gas explosion, seemingly killing them both.

However, both Laurie and Michael survived the explosion, and their story continued in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. These films introduced Laurie’s daughter, Jamie Lloyd, who was also targeted by Michael, as well as a cult that was behind Michael’s immortality and evil. Laurie was killed off-screen in a car accident, and Jamie was killed by Michael in the sixth film. The original continuity ended with Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, which ignored the events of the fourth, fifth, and sixth films, and brought back Laurie, who had faked her death and changed her identity to Keri Tate. She had a son, John Tate, who was also pursued by Michael on Halloween night in 1998. Laurie finally confronted and decapitated her brother, ending his reign of terror.

Or so she thought. In Halloween: Resurrection, it was revealed that Michael had switched places with a paramedic, who was the one Laurie killed. Michael then tracked down Laurie, who was confined in a mental institution, and stabbed her to death, before going after a group of reality show contestants who were exploring his childhood home. The film ended with Michael’s body being taken to the morgue, where he opened his eyes.

The Remake Continuity: A Twisted Family Bond

In 2007, director Rob Zombie rebooted the Halloween franchise with his own version of the story, which delved deeper into Michael’s childhood and psychology. In this continuity, Laurie Strode is also Michael’s sister, but her original name is Angel Myers. She was born in 1990, to Deborah Myers, a stripper, and an abusive boyfriend, who was not Michael’s father. Michael had a troubled and violent upbringing, killing animals and bullying classmates. He also had a close bond with his baby sister, whom he called “Boo”.

On Halloween night in 1992, Michael snapped and killed his stepfather, his sister Judith, and her boyfriend, sparing only his mother and Angel. He was then sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where he was treated by Dr. Loomis. Michael gradually became more withdrawn and aggressive, wearing masks to hide his face and killing anyone who crossed him. His mother committed suicide after witnessing one of his murders, leaving him alone and broken.

Fifteen years later, in 2007, Michael escaped from the sanitarium and returned to Haddonfield, where he learned that Angel had been adopted by the Strode family and renamed Laurie. He began stalking and killing her friends, while Loomis tried to stop him. Michael eventually kidnapped Laurie and took her to his childhood home, where he revealed his identity to her and tried to reunite with her. However, Laurie was terrified and rejected him, causing him to lash out and chase her. Laurie managed to shoot him in the head, but he survived and was taken into custody.

The sequel, Halloween II, follows Laurie as she struggles with the trauma of her ordeal, and develops a psychic link with Michael, who is presumed dead. Michael, who is guided by visions of his mother and a white horse, escapes again and heads to Haddonfield, where he intends to kill Laurie and complete his “family reunion”. Laurie, who has become more rebellious and unstable, learns the truth about her past, and begins to embrace her dark side. She and Michael have a final showdown at a barn, where they stab each other. Loomis arrives and tries to save Laurie, but is killed by Michael. Laurie then shoots Michael in the face, and walks out of the barn, wearing his mask and holding his knife. She is then seen in a mental institution, smiling as she sees a vision of her mother and the white horse.

The Blumhouse Continuity: Strangers Bound by Fate

In 2018, Blumhouse Productions released a new Halloween film, which served as a direct sequel to the original 1978 film, and ignored all the other sequels and remakes. In this continuity, Laurie Strode is not Michael Myers’ sister, and their relationship is purely coincidental. This was done to restore the mystery and randomness of Michael’s motives, as well as to explore the trauma and legacy of Laurie’s survival.

In this film, it is shown that Laurie has become a recluse and a survivalist, living in a fortified house in the woods, and preparing for Michael’s inevitable return. She has also become estranged from her daughter, Karen, who resents her for raising her in fear and paranoia, and her granddaughter, Allyson, who tries to reconnect with her. Michael, meanwhile, has been locked up in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for 40 years, under the care of Dr. Ranbir Sartain, a former colleague of Loomis. On October 30, 2018, Michael is being transferred to a maximum security prison, when the bus carrying him crashes, allowing him to escape. He then obtains his mask and a knife, and heads to Haddonfield, where he resumes his killing spree.

Michael eventually makes his way to Laurie’s house, where she has lured him for a final confrontation. She manages to injure him and trap him in the basement, which she sets on fire. She then escapes with Karen and Allyson, who have helped her fight Michael. However, the film ends with a shot of the burning basement, where Michael’s body is not seen, implying that he may have survived.

The sequel, Halloween Kills, follows the events of the previous film, and shows that Michael did indeed survive the fire, and continues his rampage in Haddonfield, while Laurie, Karen, and Allyson are taken to a hospital. The film also reveals more about Michael’s past, and introduces a group of survivors from his 1978 attack, who form a mob to hunt him down and end his reign of terror. The film ends with a shocking twist, as Michael kills Karen in Laurie’s house, while Laurie vows to kill him once and for all.

The third and final film in the trilogy, Halloween Ends, will conclude the saga of Laurie and Michael, and is set to be released in 2022.


The Halloween franchise has presented different versions of the relationship between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, ranging from siblings to strangers, and from victims to villains. Their connection has been a source of mystery, horror, and drama, and has captivated and terrified audiences for over four decades. No matter how their story ends, they will always be remembered as one of the most iconic and influential duos in horror history.