How is John Dutton Related to 1923? The Dutton Family Tree Explained


If you are a fan of the hit Western drama series Yellowstone, you might be wondering how the characters from the show are connected to the prequel series 1923, which follows the Dutton family history in the early 20th century. In this article, we will explain the Dutton family tree and how John Dutton, the patriarch of the Yellowstone Ranch in the present day, is related to the characters from 1923.

The First Generation: James and Jacob Dutton

The Dutton family legacy begins with James Dutton (Tim McGraw), the first patriarch of the family and the founder of the Yellowstone Ranch. James was a pioneer who settled in Montana with his wife Margaret (Faith Hill) and their two sons, John and Spencer, in the late 19th century. James and his family faced many hardships and dangers as they carved out their place in the West. Their story is told in the first prequel series, 1883.

James had a brother, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), who followed him to Montana and became his partner in running the ranch. Jacob was married to Cara (Helen Mirren), a former schoolteacher who helped educate the Dutton children. Jacob and Cara did not have any children of their own, but they treated James’ sons as their nephews and heirs.

The Second Generation: John and Spencer Dutton

James and Margaret Dutton had two sons, John and Spencer, who grew up on the Yellowstone Ranch and learned the ways of ranching from their father and uncle. John Dutton (James Badge Dale) was the older son and the heir apparent of the ranch. He married his wife Emma (Marley Shelton) and they had a son, Jack (Darren Mann). John was loyal to his family and dedicated to protecting the ranch from any threats.

Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) was the younger son and the rebel of the family. He left the ranch to pursue his own interests and became a successful businessman and politician. He married his wife Evelyn (Lily Collins) and they had a daughter, Alice (Sophia Lillis). Spencer was estranged from his family and had a bitter rivalry with his brother John.

The Third Generation: Jack and Alice Dutton

Jack and Alice Dutton were the grandchildren of James and Margaret Dutton and the cousins of each other. Jack Dutton was the son of John and Emma Dutton and the only grandson of the family. He grew up on the ranch and was expected to inherit it someday. He was engaged to his fiancée Elizabeth “Liz” Strafford (Michelle Randolph), who was pregnant with his child.

Alice Dutton was the daughter of Spencer and Evelyn Dutton and the only granddaughter of the family. She grew up in a wealthy and privileged environment and was unaware of her family’s ranching roots. She was curious about her grandfather James and his legacy and wanted to learn more about him.

The Connection to 1923

The prequel series 1923 takes place roughly forty years after 1883 and follows the Dutton family as they face new challenges and enemies in the changing times of the early 20th century. The series focuses on Jacob and Cara Dutton, who lead the Yellowstone Ranch after the deaths of James and Margaret Dutton. They are joined by John and Emma Dutton and their son Jack, who help them run the ranch and defend it from their foes.

The series also introduces Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn), a ruthless oil tycoon who wants to take over the Dutton land for his own profit. He and his men launch a violent attack on the Dutton family, which results in the deaths of John and Emma Dutton and the injuries of Jacob, Cara, and Jack. The series also shows Spencer and Evelyn Dutton and their daughter Alice, who are living in New York and have little contact with their relatives in Montana.

The series suggests that John Dutton, the patriarch of the Yellowstone Ranch in the present day, is the son of Jack and Elizabeth Dutton, based on a flashback sequence in Yellowstone. The sequence shows Kevin Costner’s John Dutton visiting his grandfather’s grave and saying that his name is John Dutton Jr. This implies that his father was also named John Dutton, presumably after his grandfather John Dutton Sr. who died in the attack by Banner Creighton.

Therefore, John Dutton from Yellowstone is the great-grandson of James and Margaret Dutton, the grandson of John and Emma Dutton, the nephew of Spencer and Evelyn Dutton, and the cousin of Alice Dutton. He is also the grandnephew of Jacob and Cara Dutton, who raised him after his parents’ deaths. He inherited the Yellowstone Ranch from his father and became the fourth generation of the Dutton family to own and protect it.


The Dutton family tree is a complex and fascinating one, spanning over a century of history and drama. The prequel series 1923 explores the origins and the legacy of the Dutton family and how they shaped the West and the Yellowstone Ranch. It also reveals how John Dutton from Yellowstone is related to the characters from 1923 and how he carries on their traditions and values. If you want to learn more about the Dutton family and their adventures, you can watch 1923 on Paramount+ and Yellowstone on Peacock. According to The Cinemaholic, The Hollywood Reporter, and People, the series are both critically acclaimed and popular among the fans of the Western genre.