Free! These Are 7 Items In The Hotel Room That You Can Take Home

Staying at a hotel while traveling in Singapore can be a memorable moment. Especially if the hotel has good services and facilities. For example, hotels in Geylang or Aqueen hotels paya lebar. Some guests may wish to take some items from their hotel room as a keepsake. However, it turns out that not all items in the hotel room can be taken home.

If you pick up the wrong item, you may be charged an additional fee when checking out. Please note that each hotel may apply different rules. Here Traveloka has summarized some of the items that can be brought home from the hotel room.

  1. Soap

Every hotel must have soap in the bathroom, like bath soap or special soap for the face. Both soaps can be taken home because they are usually given to guests for free. If in doubt, you can ask the hotel staff whether the item can be taken or not.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Just like soap in the bathroom, shampoo and conditioner, which are generally mini in size, can be taken from hotel rooms. Usually, the hotel has prepared this for our needs in small packages. However, if we never use it or there are still leftovers, we can take them home.

  1. Items with A Complimentary Logo

Items with a complimentary or free logo are items that can be taken home by hotel guests. These items can include dry-cleaning bags, coffee, cream, sugar, and other items bearing the logo.

  1. Notebook and Pen

Generally, in hotel rooms, there are small books and pens on the table for guests’ writing purposes. Usually, this is provided for guests who are dominated by business people. Stationery like that, you can really take it home. The booklet and pen also show the hotel’s logo and name. Both of these objects can serve as a marketing strategy. Therefore, guests should not hesitate to take it home.

  1. Hotel Slippers

I think this is the most sought after to take home when checking out. Hotel sandals are really super comfortable, especially sometimes some hotels design unique and funny sandals. It’s even more adorable and I want to take it home! Don’t worry, hotel slippers are okay to take home and can be used in our rooms at home.

  1. Snacks and Drinks

Usually, there are hotels that do provide snacks and drinks for their guests. The amount is not much, but at least enough to block hunger. Snacks and drinks haven’t run out yet, but we already have to check out, it’s a shame if we just leave it like that. Well, snacks and drinks can be brought home, because they have become property rights and are indeed provided for guests staying in the room.

  1. Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are usually near the closet or in it. There are shopping bags or shopping bags that guests can use when they go outside. The bag can be brought home by guests when they are finished staying. Usually, the bag has the name of the hotel written on it.

So, have you read to the end? towels, sheets and other types of linen are not items that guests can take home. This is because they will be charged an additional fee from the hotel when checking out.

Don’t forget to keep that in mind, so that we don’t make mistakes when we bring home objects at the hotel. If you want to book a hotel for traveling, don’t forget to book at Traveloka, which provides many promos. Happy Traveling!

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