Effect of magic mushroom on the body

You must be amazed to know of mushroom benefits and usage. Many mushrooms are used in medicine and drug making. These mushrooms impart different benefits and detriments to the human body. When it comes to mushrooms, it doesn’t have a pleasant taste. Some people don’t like to consume mushrooms, while others love mushrooms. Due to its health benefits, the mushroom has been used in different parts of the world. Also, you can buy magic mushroom gummies  from any online store or local market.

Magic mushroom: 

The mushroom that contains psilocybin is known as the magic mushroom. It is a hallucinogenic compound used to make different drugs. Psilocybin doesn’t have any use in the medicinal world. Many youngsters use this substance as a recreational drug that provides the feeling of sensory distortion, euphoria and the effects are similar to hallucinogenic drugs. For medical bodies, the magic mushroom is not considered harmful, but it can cause hallucinations, panic, and anxiety after use.

Effect of psilocybin: 

  • When it comes to psilocybin, it has both positive and negative psychological and physical effects.
  • Naturally, it is not addictive.
  • It triggers psychotic episodes.
  • People who have a family history of schizophrenia should be careful when consuming this mushroom. It triggers mental illness and has an increased risk of adverse psychiatric reaction.

Effect of magic mushroom on the body: 

When a person consumes magic mushroom, it activates the serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain affects cognition, mood, and perception. In some regions of the brain, hallucination regulates arousal and panic responses. Not every time, a person can experience hallucinations. Several people don’t experience auditory and visual hallucinations. In the case of any family disease, it performs its functions differently.


When the gut digests and absorbs psilocybin, the body transforms it to the psilocybin. The effects appear within 30 minutes of ingestion and last between 4-6 hours. Some people experience a change in sensory perception and thought patterns that usually lasts for several days.

The potency of mushroom: 

Magic mushrooms are usually tan and brown. Many people confuse magic mushrooms with other poisonous mushrooms that harm health. However, make sure to check it properly before eating. People like to consume magic mushrooms as brewed tea or mix it with food according to their taste buds. Many companies use the extracts of mushrooms and prepare them in capsule form. Some people cover them with chocolate to make the overall taste better. The potency of mushroom depends on the following features,

  • The species
  • Dried and fresh form
  • Origin
  • Harvest perio
  • Growing conditions

The active ingredients in dried mushrooms offer ten times longer-lasting effects than the fresh mushroom. Consuming magic mushroom alters the perception of time and space and cause changes in feeling and mood. Some of the effects of psilocybin are listed below,

  • Euphoria
  • Depersonalization
  • peacefulness
  • spiritual awakening
  • dilated pupils
  • quickly changing emotions
  • visual alteration and distortion, such as halos of light and vivid colors
  • lack of coordination
  • dizziness, drowsiness
  • impaired concentration, frightening hallucinations
  • muscle weakness, unusual body sensations
  • nausea
  • paranoia, yawning, confusion, vomiting