Easy Ways to Use CBD for Dogs

Easy Ways to Use CBD for Dogs

Cannabidiol also known as CBD has now become a big part of the pet treatment and wellness trend. If you have a dog, cat or any other kind of pet, there is a great possibility you might have heard about itand how helpful it can be for both humans and animals.

As with any other wellness trend, there is a lot of information flying about on the internet about it. If you’ve done your research, it can be said that you are now familiar with CBD and how it can be beneficial for you and your pet.

Unlike humans, CBD has to be administered in certain ways to your pets to maximize its effectiveness. If you are a dog owner and want to know the different ways to use CBD for dogs then keep reading.

CBD: The Full-Spectrum 

A lot of products tend to isolate CBD from the other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant. Therefore, it is better to use full-spectrum hemp oil. Apart from CBD, hemp oil also contains a variety of other beneficial plant compounds.

Just like in humans, dogs have endocannabinoid receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. The endocannabinoid receptors can communicate with the hemp oil and when all the available beneficial compounds are present, your hemp oil is even more effective.

Ways to Use CBD for Your Pets

Here is a list of convenient and easy ways of using CBD for your pets:


One of the convenient ways of introducing CBD into your dog’s diet is by adding it to their treats. The best kinds of treat to use for this process are porous treats. Using porous treats makes absorbing the hemp oil easier and faster.

To do this, get the correct dosage and for more convenience, you can use a dropper. Once this is done, put the right amount of your dog’s treat into a bowl and then add the oil. Leave it for a bit of time to allow the oil to properly soak in and then serve to your dog.

Oral Application

This is another effective method you can consider to administer CBD to your canine. This method is best with a dropper. It involves applying the p oil directly to your dog’s mouth. If this method works well with your dog, then stick to it!

It is important to note that when using this method, you have to be very careful to avoid choking your dog. Be gentle while administering and avoid gagging or squeezing their mouths too tight. Once this part is successful don’t forget to reward them with a nice treat.

Homemade Pet Treats

This is a fun and creative way to use CBD for your dog if you have the time and feeling in the mood. You and your furry friend can have fun and explore your creativity by making some really delicious homemade CBD treats.

This process is not complicated and you can check here: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Dog-Treats to check some easy homemade treats recipes for your dog. The benefit of this method is that you have total control over the content of your treats.

You can feature all natural and healthy ingredients like oats, coconuts, potatoes and so many others. The best part is, you can incorporate the oil in the appropriate dosage and monitor their response to it especially if it is the first time.

CBD Treats

Not everyone has the time or energy to make homemade treats or add the CBD oil to their dog’s treat or food. If you fall into this category of people, then this method is perfect for you.

There are a lot of CBD treats that you can purchase and give to your dogs. Apart from saving you a lot of time, another benefit of this method is that you and your canine can explore a variety of products and flavors.

Mix in Water

This is another effective method of using CBD for your furry friend. If your dog is always super thirsty, this method might prove even more effective for you. All you have to do is to add the right dose of the oil to your pet’s water.

Adding CBD to your pet’s water does not have any major effect on the taste and odor, but it is important to monitor the dosage added to the water to ensure that your pet gets all the benefits in the oil. It is also important to constantly replace the water as adding more water to the oil can affect the effectiveness of the dose.

Health Benefits of CBD 

The health benefits of using this oil for your pets are alleviation of the following:• Gastrointestinal problems• Allergies• Chronic pain• Skin conditions• Anxiety• Age related illnesses• Seizures

If you need other tips to keep your pet healthy, you can check here.


If you find yourself reading this article to this point, it is a fact that you love your dog. Caring for your furry family member can be a lot of work especially as you also have other engagements to bother with. But just like any other member of the family, you still have to care for your dog.

As you have come to know and probably find out through experience, the benefit of CBD to your dog’s health cannot be overemphasized. There are various ways to administer this oil and hopefully this article has helped you discover easier ways to use it without disrupting your daily routine.