As cannabis becomes increasingly accepted and wellness becomes increasingly important, we have the chance to explore the two together. After all, they are both paths to an equivalent goal—feeling our greatest.

While both work well to succeed in that goal independently, combining the two can offer us an advantageous boost, with each adding to the other’s benefits. Exploring the two together might be the push we would like to succeed in our health and wellness goals, provided we are doing it consciously.

There are many ways to integrate cannabis and wellness, so let us start with some wellness activities we will already be doing.

A Mindful Approach To Cannabis

An easy, approachable way to introduce yourself to meditation is through body mindfulness. Introducing cannabis to your meditation practice is an effective way of counteracting restlessness. Our body mindfulness practice begins with a body scan; we focus on how our toes feel as we start with just that. Would they be cold or heavy or tingly? They are touching something, aren’t they? 

When you need a relaxing, full-body high, using an indica-hybrid is often beneficial. We feel euphoric and uplifting at the same time, so our bodies feel open and our minds do not feel numbed.

Cannabis And Our Morning Routine

When it involves morning routines, consistency is vital. Sticking to equivalent steps every morning can help us grow and maintain a positive mindset, stay focused on our goals, and keep stress cornered. cannabis can also assist us in those areas, making it an ideal addition to our morning routine. Plus, it is easy to incorporate without disrupting our flow. 

Adding cannabis To our Morning Beverage

Cannabis tinctures are a perfect product for infusing our morning routine because we will add them to our morning beverage of choice. Of course, first, consider our plans for the day. If we have an extended to-do list, we propose reaching for a CBD-heavy option. It will cut any stress or anxiety we would possibly be feeling toward the day. However, it will not leave us feeling sleepy or unmotivated.

The other advantage of cannabis tinctures is that if we do not want to feature them in our morning beverages, we do not need to. We will quickly take our dosage sublingually and continue together with our routine.

Using Cannabis Alongside Our Morning Workout

Cannabis helps us before, during, or after workouts, depending on the type of workout we do. Consider using something with a bit more THC such as this Indica vape just before we begin our day with yoga. It also alters our perception of time, so we practice longer since we are more open-minded. Thus, vaping is safer than smoking for our lungs.

Our morning workout might be a little strenuous, so for that kickstart, perhaps a Sativa with more CBD might be just what we are looking for. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can increase our abilities to compute for longer and recover faster, so we will reap the benefits whether we consume them before or after working out. Check out today over at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and see varieties of seeds for growing and extracting its natural compound.

To ensure we were deliberate about the strains we consumed and how we ingested it, we chose to have cannabis as part of our morning routine. It would be a shame to have to sit on the couch all day when we have a full day ahead of us.

Cannabis And Meditation For Wellbeing

Well-being may be enhanced by meditation. We can remain present in the present moment by being mindful. Increasing your awareness can be achieved easily by meditating. Identifying our feelings can help us deal with them instead of letting them fester. It can be difficult to relax the mind while meditating, though-it can be quite challenging! 

Cannabis has long been a meditation “facilitator” for thousands of years because it helps to do just that. Check out to learn more.

The Use of Cannabis and Massage

In addition to mindfulness, taking care of our bodies is essential, and a massage is one way to keep our muscles relaxed and pain away. As well as treating anxiety, digestive problems, and headaches, cannabis can also address other issues.

A massage utilizing a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio would be a good place to begin, since we would get the full range of all cannabinoids’ effects. We will not feel too high after consuming CBD, because it will help to balance out the effects of THC. A cannabis topical is a convenient way to experience cannabis’s positive effects without being altered in any way. By massaging a cannabis topical directly onto our painful points, the inflammation can be directly targeted. Visiting a massage parlor is not necessary to motivate us to do the work.

A Few Last Thoughts

We can add a cheerful buzz to our morning routine, meditation, massage, or a combination of all three with cannabis. These features help to streamline our practices and enhance their value because of its anti-inflammatory, time-altering, and mind-opening effects.

The strains we choose to consume and the way we consume them are important factors in how we can combine cannabis and wellness.