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Weed, Cannabis, marijuana, ganja, grass, etc are the names given to the same drug extracted from the Cannabis plant. You can smoke weed, drink it, vape it or even eat it. While most people use it for recreation and pleasure. Others use it to cure illnesses and diseases. 

Weed has mind-altering properties affecting the brain as well as the body. Although it has some benefits, prolonged use can make you addicted and cause negative effects as well. 

What happens when you smoke weed? 

When you smoke weed it gets you high! The reason to get high is because of the psychoactive ingredients THC present in it. THC stimulates some parts of the brain that pleasure response. Also, it released dopamine which created a relaxed and euphoric feel. 

When Smoking THC gets into the bloodstream and gets you high within a minute or a second. The level of THC will reach its peak in 30 min and wear off in 2-3 hours. Eating Cannabis will show effect in 1 hr and remain for many hours. 

How does weed affect mental health? 

Using marijuana doesn’t give a good experience to all the users. Some people can get afraid, anxious, or panic about using weed. When using pot the clinical depression will increase and worsen symptoms of mental disorders. On consuming high doses you can become paranoid or make you see or hear unusual things not related to reality. 

The effect of marijuana is not the same for everyone, while it can cause problems for some but it can help in improving health in others. Medical marijuana has lots of benefits as given below. 

Improves PTSD and anxiety- 

Since weed is known to give a relaxing effect it was concluded in the journal of clinical psychology review in 2016 that weed can benefit People with social anxiety, depression, and PSTD. In a study, it was also revealed that low doses of THC help people to get over their nervousness.

On the other hand, a slightly high dose of THC can cause anxiety symptoms to worsen. Some studies also suggested it helps in treating bipolar disorders and psychosis. But the effect will largely depend on doses; consuming more than recommended can cause harm. 

Relieve chronic pain- 

One of the reasons why marijuana is used is to treat chronic pain. Some studies support the benefits of marijuana. Apart from that, there are calming effects on muscle spasms, vomiting, and nausea. National academies determined that weed-derived products help users to sleep well.


In a study published in the New England journal of medicine, CBD oil reduced seizures by 39% in kids with dravet syndrome which is a form of epilepsy. The study got FDA to approve the use of CBD oil in 2018 and thus, marketed it as epidiolex. This oil doesn’t get you high because it doesn’t contain THC. 

Alternative to opioids-

Using weed can reduce your dependence on dangerous painkillers. An article published in the trends in neuroscience revealed that Cannabinoid helps people in recovering from opioid addiction. 

Anti-cancer effect- 

Although research is limited on this subject few studies have suggested that causing CBD oil can help fight cancer and inhibit cancer cells growth.  Still, it is not clear that traditional Cannabis can help with cancer symptoms or not.

These are few benefits of medical marijuana so; you can find so many products on the online dispensary near you. 

Types of cannabis products

CBD oil– weed oils are popular today and many states allow the use of CBD oil because it doesn’t get you high and offers benefits as talked about. The CBS oil can be added to food or can be taken as tinctures. The tinctures are taken in the mouth through a dropper. The effect is instant and the relief is quick. 

Edibles- weed-infused products which can be ingested are known as edibles. They are also highly popular and they come as candies, gummies, shatter bars, chocolate, cookies, tea, etc. They are delicious and flavorful because of the presence of weed in them. And doses are calculated in one bite how much weed you will consume. So, read the packet before eating all the chocolate at once or you will get high. 

Topicals– weed is now used to manufacture topicals such as creams, lotion, lip balms, etc. These are used externally and they are not psychoactive products. They don’t get you high but offer relief on the body part where it hurts. You can even treat acne and make your skin beautiful by using weed products like topicals. 

Flowers– some people love dabbing, smoking, or rolling weed on paper and then burning it. This is the traditional method of using weed but is highly effective. The users can not calculate doses with such a method of consumption of weed. The flowers come in the market in dried form and belong to different strains such as pink kush, sweet skunk, or white widow. 

Vape oil- the users who like vaping can try using weed vape oils. They give amazing experience and show quick effects. The user will need a vape pen for vaping which can also be bought from an online dispensary. 

Concentrates– another product which you get in the market is concentrated. They are pure Cannabinoid and they are also smoked by many users. The concentrates are highly beneficial for someone looking for fast relief. 

Capsules– people who fine want to taste Cannabis and consume it in a very easy manner can get capsules. The capsules have proper dose and the users can read the packet and eat capsules as instructed. 

These are some of the weed products and how they are consumed by users. You can rely on one of these methods to consume weed and get benefits. The users who take some precautions like don’t use weed when using other medicines, don’t use weed when you are pregnant, shouldn’t be used by people with heart diseases. 

Buy weed online from the dispensary today and get it delivered safely to your home! 


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