Bucket Trucks: A Quick Buying Guide

A bucket truck, also known as a cherry picker, can help you reach high ranges with ease, safety, and stability. And these vehicles are significant for industries such as telecom, forestry, and construction. 

For many companies, buying this vehicle can be more cost-effective than renting it. So, it will be helpful to check out the bucket trucks for sale options in your area.

But before investing your money in this vehicle, it is vital to look into some factors. So, this guide will walk you through these factors and more.

What to Consider Before Buying a Bucket Truck

Buying a bucket truck is a huge investment, so you need to tread carefully. And generally, there are two critical aspects to consider before you start to compare the models. They are discussed in detail below:

  • Body Type: Usually, these vehicles come in steel, fibreglass, aluminium, or a combination of these materials. And depending on your industry type and intended use, you should pick a truck with a suitable body type.
  • Work Performed: The type of work you have to do decides the total weight you need the truck to accommodate. Also, check if you need side-reach functionality for your site works.

Apart from these two co-related aspects, you should check the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, storage, and durability. Additionally, you should check the style features if you want to double the vehicle as a company truck.


In addition to the above two aspects, you should consider several important specifications. And these factors range from platform height, side reaches to fuel type.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to have a clear idea of your necessities before looking out for the factors. And some of them are listed below:

Platform Height

Most bucket trucks come in a basic range of platform heights, and typically, it is 40 feet. However, you can find many brands that offer specialised heights. As such, you can divide these heights into the following category:

  • 29 to 45 feet
  • 45 to 65 feet
  • 65 to 125 feet


Chassis is the load-bearing framework of bucket trucks. And depending on the model of bucket trucks, the GAWR can vary. Meanwhile, generally, it is better to opt for a model over 6000 lbs on the front axle and 6,700 lbs on the rear. 


You can find both automatic and manual transmission bucket trucks for sale. As such, both types of models offer similar fuel efficiency and cost-savings even though automatic transmission trucks are costlier.

The manual transmission trucks offer more control, whereas the automatic one provides a smoother experience. So, you can pick the one based on your preference.

How Much Does a Bucket Truck Cost?

The cost of the truck is primarily based on the type and platform height. And typically, it can cost anywhere between 35,000 dollars to 15,000 dollars for a light-duty bucket truck. At the same time, a heavy-duty truck can start at 85,000 dollars, and it can go up to over 350,000 dollars. 

You can use the standard light-duty truck for maintenance and other utility services. In contrast, you can use heavy-duty trucks for forestry, construction, and other similar jobs.

Investing in a bucket truck can be an excellent choice for a company. But before you start checking out trucks, it is important to know what kind of truck you need. You should also consider if you need any additional equipment. And, with an accurate picture of what you need and a reasonable budget, you can surely find the perfect vehicle for all your requirements!