Best Virtual Teaching Tips for Teachers

Covid-19 pandemic has led to the shutdown of all schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutions, offices, etc. this sudden shutdown has caused children to be suffered more. Also, in the past few years, many exams have been canceled. The entire education system is in a frozen state. To combat this situation government proposed the idea of virtual classes for the students. All educational institutes pushed their teacher towards this new platform.

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Although this sudden switch from the old traditional teaching pattern to a new one was not a leisurely cup of tea. Both the teachers as well as students have suffered a lot. Teachers have faced many difficulties during virtual classes. This problem could be due to a lack of training among teachers to get used to this new pattern. But it would be unfair to say that only teachers are facing problems in this regard.

The bitter truth is, students are also facing adjustment problems. But! As the show must go on, our teachers are required to change themselves and adapt to this change.

To lessen the teacher’s burden, I will mention some significant points that teachers must keep in their minds while conducting Live classes. Let’s get started:

Learn the Technology

With each increasing advancement in Technology, the sufferings of the teachers have also increased. It has become one of the biggest challenges for teachers. Teachers should need to learn how to use the virtual teach apps correctly.

Teachers are required to understand that it’s ok if they don’t know much about the virtual teaching apps. All they need to do is hire a good technical person who could help you out. Try to learn how to use the online classes live app, how to give online assignments, how to insert images and videos, how to take quizzes, how to generate attendance. Learning these features will give you a feeling that you’re half of the work s done without much effort.

Familiarise your students with the new Technology

Students are a pro at using mobile phones, computer systems, etc. But despite being pro, they might need your help in operating virtual learning apps. It would help if you guided them properly about using MS Word, MS- Excel, MS-PowerPoint, and more. If possible, contact their parents and ask them to teach their child well.

Get Ready Before the Class

To start a class, many preparations are required. For an effective class, finish your set up 5 min, before the class timing. It will prevent your time wastage. Things you should do-

  • Check whether your laptop or phone is working correctly or not.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Check for data balance.
  • Fix the issue, if any.

Always Keep a Backup Plan

Having a backup plan always works as icing on the cake. Sometimes an unwanted error occurs even when everything seems to be alright. These could be anything- network issues, power failure, etc. To avoid the consequences of these errors, you should always keep a backup plan.

Use a New Lesson Plan for Online Classes

The lesson plan for your online classes must be different and unique from that of traditional ones. An old lesson plan will not be going to work for online teaching. The long lectures ideas of the offline class will appear quite dull in an online class. To avoid boredom, you should create some interesting context.

Lesson Outline Should be Clear

Your lesson outline should include digital elements, interactive activities. It helps you to keep students engaged. You can also make use of software applications to make your lesson interesting. You can find these applications online.

Add Varieties to Your Lesson Plan

you can make use of digital elements in your lessons. You can include some teaching aid in your lessons like- videos, gifs, slides, text, online tests, and images.

Try to Keep Your Students Focused

Studies show that you can concentrate on something continuously for 20 min. This value decreases in an online class as there are many distractions at home; also, the picture clarity is not so good. So as a teacher, you must add fun elements or fun work to keep your students engaged.

Stay Connected with Your Students

 sometimes, it gets difficult for them to catch everything taught in an online class. So try to solve their problem even when you don’t have an online session.

Reach Out to Unresponsive Students

Some students don’t get a response in online classes. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to look after every student. Reach out to the students who are not so attentive in your online class. Talk to their parents and find out the reason for the same. If you find any issue try to solve it.