Best Vape Pens for Bigger Clouds for Beginners

E-cigarette use in America and other countries worldwide has been on the constant rise in the past decade. Nowadays, the millennial generation is switching to electronic cigarettes because they are potentially safer and because e-cigs have become somewhat of a fashion trend.

Suppose you are interested in switching from traditional nicotine delivery systems to electronic ones. In that case, you may want to type in “vape pens for sale” in your browser and see what your nearby dispensaries have to offer. But regardless of whether you are an experienced vaper or a newbie, some facts remain the same.

Not every vape mod will produce immense clouds, and the fact that it all comes down to setting the airflow right and using a proper inhaling technique applies to both experts and newbies. We’re here to tackle that topic and point out the best way to do it right.

Being a regular vaper is one thing, but being a cloud chaser is another. Those who know how to enjoy their favorite vape juice with a view of big vapor clouds coming from the vape have come to the right place. Let’s explore what we need to achieve bigger clouds from vapes.  

List of best vape mods for clouds

The choices on the market are vast, and it’s not always easy to find the best possible vape/mod to achieve the maximum clouds. Here’s a little help from the start. The five vape mods which can guarantee bigger clouds and which we selected are:

  1. SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box MOD – one of the best vape mods for all the cloud chasers out there. It comes with a resilient, rigid design and a capable battery. Its Chipset is the SX550 which is very effective and more advanced than its previous versions;
  2. Vaporesso LUXE II 220W Vape Mod – a durable mod that comes in a great set of colors and is powered by 220W. This power means that your e-liquid will turn into thick vapor very effectively;
  3. Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Box Mod – it’s among the most popular vape pens for making bigger clouds due to its effectiveness, power, and durability. It’s powered by 200W and will satisfy the needs of every cloud chaser;
  4. Innokin MVP5 120W Box Mod – the design is versatile, and its build is composed of zinc-alloy. The battery is rechargeable, and you can set it to three different levels – boost, standard, and soft. It’s perfect for vaping beginners and the experienced alike;
  5. GreekVape Aegis X Box Mod shows its best excellence in its good volts, wattage, and ohms conditions. You can easily change the heat settings for a perfect vaporizing effect of turning your e-liquid into immense clouds;

Setting the airflow of vape for bigger vapor clouds

Thinking about your respiratory system is essential if you are a regular vaper. In line with this overall awareness about health, knowing how to set your vaping device right also plays a significant role since it impacts how much vapor you inhale and exhale.

It all boils down to this – the wider the airflow, the more vapor that will come out because of the increase in the cooling capacity. The temperature will be lower if more air circulates above the coil in your vaping device.

A vape should never get too hot as it can burn the wick. Therefore, keep the temperature at a lower level to secure your wick and ensure that fresh air flows through the vape pen and that the vapor comes out in more enormous clouds.

The airflow which cools the coil cools the vapor as well, making it more condensed, and the more airflow there is, the more condensation there will be. If there is more condensation, the vapor you produce will be more visible, or in other words, you will get the bigger clouds you want.

Each vaping device will come with an airflow that you can easily adjust. You just need to ensure that the cooling air flowing above your coil matches the heat generated by the battery’s power. Simple as that.

The heating element plays an essential role here as well. The more power generates the heating element – the bigger the clouds will be. Bear in mind, though, that once you sense a different taste coming from the vape – it’s time to change the heating element.

Inhaling technique for beginners

If you want to produce a lot of vapors, there needs to be enough airflow. Wider airflow gives enough space for the coil to cool and the clouds to condense to your desired optimum. However, sometimes the maximum airflow isn’t enough for bigger vapor clouds if you’re not inhaling right.

You can experiment with this. Try giving a vaping device with a low resistance to a friend who frequently uses basic tanks. We guarantee that nine out of ten people will start coughing because they haven’t inhaled enough.

They are using the same device, the same airflow settings, and the same wattage with which someone else can produce big clouds, but they can’t make them and cough instead. Why does this happen?

It happens because when a vaper doesn’t inhale fast and hard enough, not enough air will flow over and cool the coil. Slow and milder inhales lead to the heating of the coil, and, in turn, the vapor can get extremely and uncomfortably hot.

Even though it may sound paradoxical, the math here is simple – the harder you inhale, the smoother the vapor will be. Beginners who want to get big clouds from vaping should apply this technique. After that, everything will be easy. 


Making bigger clouds with a vape is now a huge trend. Not everyone knows how to set their airflow right, though. That’s why we hope that our in-depth guide above will slowly turn you into an expert for making more significant clouds with your vape.

Anyone who wants to learn how to achieve bigger clouds with their vape should follow our description for the best inhaling technique. It’s okay if you don’t make it on the first try – practice makes perfect after all.

And remember, not every vape or mod is suitable for making bigger clouds. The list of our top five choices should help you narrow down your search. Naturally, there are other vapes with which you can achieve maximum clouds; you just need to know what to look for.