AW’ job is closely connected with communication and other people

Every day they talk to different people with different characters and moods, so they should know how to get in touch even with hard-to-please and odd clients.
It is necessary to know etiquette of communication and to choose the appropriate ways of avoiding conflicts.
Very often trans escorts face with conflicts providing services to the clients who make gross offers.
There are several things that Transsexual escorts can do when she hears a gross request from the client:
Those in the independent sector can have personal automotives if they are successful enough.
A look at the West End elites shows that through long years of working in the field,
they have earned enough to have bought one of their own. While some prefer to operate them, many however delegate them to drivers who also act in the capacity of protectors.
Statistics reveal that most of those with automotives are in the mature category. This is because they are always attending prolific outcall functions including social gatherings, airport dates and corporate dinners, thus the need to have a vehicle that can take them there on time.

1) Any Transgender escort who hers any gross request from the customer should avoid showing her disgust
for the client and his offensive words. Even if you feel terrible hearing that you shouldn’t let him know this.
Besides, it is necessary to be ready to meet some would-be clients or so called timewasters whose aim is to provoke the escort foe showing her disgust and unbalanced state.
For that purpose they very often propose the most offensive acts and wait for a reaction from an escort.
Very often they don’t want to get a service, but they want to spoil escort’s mood.
They spend considerable amounts of time researching obscure actions of sexual character that are aimed at shocking and hurting escort’s feelings.
They do it in order to get your reaction and feel their superiority over you.
So that is why it is very important not to reveal your real feelings and remain calm, cool and collected.
In this situation escorts should behave as they get such requests every day. And even if it is not a timewaster,
it’s still the best possible way to avoid the conflict.

2) Don’t laugh at the request of the client.
For some customers it is difficult even to pronounce the things that they want to experience with a trans girl and some of the customers have really odd desires.
But if he looks confused, don’t laugh at him and avoid any other form of humor expression. Otherwise you will lose the client.
Besides, some naïve persons don’t think it’s gross. And you will hurt their feelings if you laugh at them.

3) In order not to spoil your career, restrict your desire to discuss client’s gross requests in any public space and with your colleagues.
Sometimes, transsexuals share their experience in online forums and discuss their clients thinking that there are only escorts.
But very often the clients are also engaged into discussion and nobody knows they are there.
But clients are interested in what escorts are talking about them.
And when the client sees you talking about his odd request and understands that you are referring to him it won’t be a plus to your career.
All negative words said about the client will cause the client to cross you off of his list of preferred escorts or to revenge you.
And if you still want to share this gross request and unpleasant client with somebody, do it carefully and offline.