All The Necessary Preparation And Transaction Method For Fake Id Idgod

Sitting pushes you behind rather than causes you to lose out on great times. Once you’re online, choose a template by defining the elements you want on your id. Using IDGod’s various tools, you may customize your fake id. Create a card in the first place for your relatives, colleagues, or employees using your creative abilities or what is currently available on IDGod. god is the deciding factor! Place your purchase right now! Begin living!

Please make the necessary preparations before purchasing your id.

Send us a digital snapshot of yourself against any color wall or backdrop. Wear dark clothing to provide contrast while concealing your skin, and keep your hair neat. The shot should be taken from the waist up. Do not zoom, shot your head, or take a selfie. Please turn on the flash. NO Cellular phones Or Video cameras, only Actual Camera systems.

You can snap the photo on a white backdrop using a high-resolution digital camera, and the lighting should be adjusted. Hair cannot conceal your eyes. The head should be held straight. The photograph is unable to reflect light. Please stand up straight and pay attention; we require the front side.

You should not wear glasses. Don’t snap the photo in the presence of yellow or red lighting. Please take a photo with the camera 6-8 feet away from your body. We may crop as well as focus on the image as much as this is 3 megapixels or above.

You must sign the document that used a black sharpie marker on white printer paper. Take a photo or scan it. Scanning is more difficult to deal with than photographs. When scanning at a greater resolution. please turn off the flash.  Payment is made in advance, which means you must purchase again for ID(s) when we provide them to you. We’ll get back to you with payment details.

Discounted fake ID pricing New Streaming Confirmation Solution Provided Purchase Instant Hardcopy Click As well as ID Photos! ALL IDs include a replica, a free personalized signature, and free postage. This is a list of all of our fake ids; the only id is currently supported. Here are some examples of how our IDs appear. All of idgod’s fake ids are of high quality and will pass scanners. You will be given two IDs, one of which will be kept as a backup.

How to Get Paid for a Fake ID

These are only a handful of the payment options that are accepted. Usually will take information through email for various payment options, so remember to check your mailbox.

  • How and where to Pay for a High-Quality Fake ID?

Paying for a high-quality fake id is identical to buying any other commodity online. You can utilize a variety of online payment methods, such as credit, debit, MasterCard, or payment processing platforms. PayPal, Neteller, Escrow, as well as many other services are among these. All of these criteria are constrained by the fact that they are linked to a bank account!

The account provides funding for the service, and the cash may be used to purchase any goods online. Purchases such as obtaining a phoney id card, on the other hand, are neither anticipated or routine. This was from unidentified organizations that have the potential to hijack or abuse any financial information you provide.

A phony id that’s not something to brag about if you decide to buy or use one, since it might lead to legal problems. Furthermore, for your own safety, you must make an anonymous transactions. You want a payment processor that is both anonymous as well as easy, as well as efficient in terms of reliability as well as other tasks. Visa and mastercard generate a trail of various documents, including received from the user, that government authorities might use to track you down. The same is true for online payment platforms. So, do you abandon your ambition of owning and using a phoney id? You don’t, you don’t. Instead, you make advantage of IDGOD’s accessible payment methods. These methods are not only simple, but they’re still quick, secure, and have a wide range.


Whenever it comes to internet payments, cryptocurrency has become the new standard. It’s a payment mechanism that doesn’t require any currency and hence leaves no trace. It really has made it much easier to complete online purchases for many things. All we have is a cryptocurrency profile containing Bitcoin, Blockchain Cash, Bitcoin cash, and any other electronic token on the market. Because internet buying is a private matter, adopting bitcoin keeps it that way. You may link to every other page and select payments in a safe and sound manner. There is no financial data leakage from the purchase to any other parties. The use of cryptocurrencies on IDGOD assures your safety. You may use Bitcoin to make daily transactions and paying for your IDGOD orders.

The procedure is simple because it entails depositing coins into the appropriate account.

GiftPay is available at Walmart, Home Depot, and Best Buy.

These are sold at a variety of places, especially Walmart. It is, nevertheless, simple to use. After acquiring the gift contactless payments from the appropriate merchants, all you need to do is:

  • Fill out the online order on IDGOD
  • Complete all data you input, especially your surnames, state for registration, corporate or individual order, and more, to obtain any applicable discounts.
  • Know the price on the given invoice.
  • Get the appropriate gift cards and include them with your purchase form.
  • Remember that you could use the gift certificates to make the appropriate payment, despite the amount.
  • Nevertheless, every gift pay transactions is limited . You should think about acquiring alternative cards. To complete the purchase, you’ll need four more gift pay vouchers.


Obtaining a professional fake id is a simple process. However, it becomes fairly difficult when it comes to payment platforms. Because it is critical for clients to maintain their privacy, offers safe and secure payment solutions. Furthermore, the locations differ, allowing potential clients a choice of options while assuring convenience as well as customer pleasure with quick services.