8 Important Skills to have as a Food Inspector

The food Inspectors need to perform their work on various aspects of the food department. They have to analyze the product quality, schedule appointments with industries, issue legal notice, write reports, and need to perform many other responsibilities. 

This is only possible if one has proved his merit and passed successfully in the FSSAI examinations held by the government. All the notifications and the FSSAI syllabus 2021 are constantly updated on its official site. Besides this, a candidate has to have certain skills to be a full-time food inspector. Click here to take the FSSAI mock test. 

Here are the 8 Important Skills that one should possess as a Food Inspector:

Food Preparation

This is an important skill that a Food Inspector should have as it deals with the entire production and preparation processes. Knowing which preservatives to use, how long to pasteurize, how to check the temperature, and which compositions are best for the item are integral aspects.

Federal Laws

The food inspector must be well-versed with all the Acts and Laws as regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They need to look after all the procedures carried out and need to verify that there is no adulteration or misbranded item.

Full Range

The position of a food inspector encompasses him to pay a visit to multiple places and completing their assigned fieldwork. They need to take care of wide range of activities.

Food Safety

They need to see that the products are stored safely to avoid any foodborne disease. From collecting the raw materials, to preparation, processing, packaging, and delivery, there are multiple possibilities of the food become stale. 

Sanitation Procedures

The leftovers are to be taken special care of and be separated to prevent contamination as it may result in severe health concerns to the consumers. Implementing the correct dilution rate, monitoring the contact time of the food to the surface of the equipment, testing the preservatives and recommended equipment used.

Effective Communication 

They need to communicate with industries, factories and rely on the information provided by the supervisor and then provide reports about the same. The person in charge should be firm to deliver his decisions without any hesitation. 

Attention to Detail

By now it is very clear how important it is for a food inspector to pay attention to minute details. The cognitive abilities are a significant skill set as they need to detect faults by smelling or merely seeing the items. 

Technical Support

They need to handle different instruments based on requirements. Computer proficiency is needed to work on MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to tabulate reports. In case of any legal proceedings, they should be able to justify their reports.

The Bottomline 

Food being the basis of one’s survival, the maintenance and vigilance of the food industry become very crucial. The post of a food inspector is demanding and one needs to fulfill the set duties faithfully without any compromise. The above-mentioned skillset is very essential for a candidate to be a successful Food Inspector.