6 Pro Tips For Beginners To Use TikTok

These TikTok ideas must help you make the most of the application, regardless of your level of experience with it or your knowledge of how to utilize it. One of the most widely used apps in the globe right now is TikTok. Videos of individuals lip-syncing, dancing, pulling off daredevil acts, and carrying out humorous skits are abundant. You won’t have to stop watching the videos once you start scrolling through them. However, you’ll have to learn how to utilize TikTok to begin, regardless of whether you intend only to watch videos or publish your own. With this beginner’s advice, you could quickly become an expert on TikTok.

1. What To Do To Create A Private TikTok Profile

It would be best if you chose whether or not to turn your TikTok profile private after creating it. Go to the profile tab in the bottom navigation bar on the right when you don’t want people to see your videos. 

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen to return to your account. To enable this setting, navigate to Privacy then choose the Private Account option. Users cannot follow you without permission whenever you keep your profile private. You may modify various privacy settings for comments, collaborations, messaging, duets, and other features. Be aware that TikTok can still pose a privacy risk even if you keep your profile private. To buy TikTok followers and gain a great reach you should keep your profile public. So make sure to think twice before making your profile private. 

2. How And Where To Post A Video On TikTok

You’ve made a great video on your smartphone, have some experience editing videos, and want to post it to TikTok. You don’t need to record your clip via TikTok to upload it. Instead, tap the plus sign symbol at the bottom of the display after opening TikTok. Next, tap the Upload icon in the below right corner of the recording page after you’ve gotten there. Your device’s gallery will open, allowing you to choose which pictures or videos to share. Tap the first video you’d like to utilize, watch the preview, and afterward select More to add more videos.

3. How To Make A Slideshow From Pictures

In addition to letting you submit movies from your gallery, TikTok also lets you post a collection of images to make a slideshow. At the bottom of the display, select the identical + sign icon. Next, you’ll notice options for your video’s duration and one labeled “Templates.” Select images after choosing a template with a swipe. You are then sent to your gallery where you could select several pictures to include in a slideshow. It’s a great idea to alter your images using one of the user-friendly photo editing apps for beginners if you’re a novice photographer. Please remember that the slideshow’s sequence of images relies upon the order in which you choose them. To go to the editing stage after you’re done, select OK in the lower right corner of the screen.

4. How To Remove Your Videos From TikTok

Don’t worry if you post a movie by mistake—you can still take it down. First, select the video you wish to delete by going to your profile. To open a menu, click the three dots on the right side of the screen. Swipe through these choices before selecting Delete.

5. How To Convert TikTok Videos Into Gifs

Why not convert a video you enjoy into a GIF whenever you discover it? Choose the arrow icon on the right of the screen after clicking the chosen video. Other sharing options are available, including one that reads “Share as GIF.” When you choose that option, TikTok takes you to a screen where you can change the GIF’s duration. When you’re finished, click ‘Generate’ to produce a GIF. And you can SMS it to someone or post it on other social networking websites.

6. How To Set The Timer For Video Recording 

It isn’t enjoyable to keep pressing the record button to make videos. You never know when you’ll have to utilize both hands while watching the video. As a result, employing the timer option greatly simplifies recording. To begin creating your video, select the + icon at the edge of the display. However, tap the Timer on the right of the screen rather than continuing to depress the large red button. You can select the stopping point for your video with this. When you utilize the slider to choose a time, TikTok would show a three-second countdown while it begins recording.


Now you have it, then. You now understand how to utilize TikTok. It would be best if you did not have trouble using TikTok when you get the swing of it, uploading videos, or submitting your original content. Considering its appeal, TikTok appears to be here to remain. You should be able to learn TikTok with the help of these hints and tips, or you can try Trollishly for any TikTok profile enhancements.